As many as 17 million mink are to be culled in Denmark after a mutated version of the coronavirus that can spread to humans was detected on mink farms.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the mutated virus posed a "risk to the effectiveness" of a future Covid-19 vaccine.

Denmark is the world's biggest producer of mink fur.

Police said the culling should happen as soon as possible.

Coronavirus cases have been detected in mink farms in Denmark's northern Jutland...

A plan by the Trump administration to change the rules under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act could devastate the population of threatened and endangered species and accelerate their decline across North America, a former US wildlife official has warned.

Dan Ashe, a former US Fish and Wildlife Service Director, told the The Associated Press news agency news agency that for years the law's threat of prosecution served as "a brake on industry" and had probably saved billions of birds....

Dozens of koalas have been found dead or injured at a timber plantation in the Australian state of Victoria, sparking an investigation by officials.

Blue gum trees - an important koala habitat - were harvested from the plantation in December, leaving only a few isolated stands of trees.

Some koalas had starved to death in the remaining trees. Others were apparently killed by bulldozers.

About 80 surviving koalas have been removed and are being cared for.


The body count doesn't seem to come at a halt even after nearly half a billion animals lost their lives in the Australian bushfires.

The Australian authorities are planning to cull down thousands of feral camels to preserve the already scarce water sources in the Aboriginal district of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara, reported New York Post.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, helicopter-borne professional snipers would try to shoot down anywhere between...

More than 10,000 camels will be shot from helicopters to prevent them from drinking too much water in drought-afflicted South Australia.

Professional shooters will begin the cull on Wednesday following an order from Aboriginal leaders in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands.

Locals have complained the animals have been entering communities and wreaking havoc as they look for any available water source, including taps and tanks.

“We have been stuck in...

The International Whaling Commission (IWC), which was established in 1946 in order to "protect the amount of whale correctly and ensure the regular development of the whaling industry", is organized by whaling in the world.

Although the IWC had a moratorium that prohibited commercial whaling in 1986, Norway and Iceland continued to whale by declaring their official appeal and setting their quotas themselves.

Japan, on the other hand, continued whaling under the category defined...

Australian authorities have launched an investigation into suspected animal cruelty after a TV report revealed the alleged mass slaughter of racehorses.

Footage of horses allegedly being mistreated at an abattoir in Queensland caused widespread anger when it was aired on broadcaster ABC on Thursday.

The slaughter of racehorses is legal in Australia, but industry rules in some states require horses to be "rehomed".

Racing is a popular and lucrative industry in the nation...

Japanese hunters killed at least two whales in the first commercial whale hunt in more than 30 years. 

Japan stopped commercial whaling in 1988 after the International Whaling Commission, or IWC, banned the killing of whales. However, last December, Japan said it would leave the IWC on June 30.

Japan has long disputed the idea that whales are endangered.

Even with the ban in place, for years Japan continued to hunt whales for what it said was scientific research. However...