Australian authorities have launched an investigation into suspected animal cruelty after a TV report revealed the alleged mass slaughter of racehorses.

Footage of horses allegedly being mistreated at an abattoir in Queensland caused widespread anger when it was aired on broadcaster ABC on Thursday.

The slaughter of racehorses is legal in Australia, but industry rules in some states require horses to be "rehomed".

Racing is a popular and lucrative industry in the nation...

Japanese hunters killed at least two whales in the first commercial whale hunt in more than 30 years. 

Japan stopped commercial whaling in 1988 after the International Whaling Commission, or IWC, banned the killing of whales. However, last December, Japan said it would leave the IWC on June 30.

Japan has long disputed the idea that whales are endangered.

Even with the ban in place, for years Japan continued to hunt whales for what it said was scientific research. However...