Three persons were killed and three others grievously injured after the Bengaluru Police opened fire to control riots that broke out late Tuesday, after protests erupted over a social media post allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Angry mobs went on a rampage in the Kaval Byrasandra area to protest against the Facebook post, allegedly put up by P. Naveen, nephew of Pulakeshinagar MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy of the Congress.

Residents began sharing the “offensive” post...

Two mosques in Antwerp are filing a complaint against the far-right Vlaams Belang political party and its chairman Tom Van Grieken for spreading images on social media which they feel incite hatred and discrimination.

The Al Aqsa Mosque and the adjacent Cultural Centre Mosque Omar in the northern district of Antwerp are filing a complaint, after Vlaams Belang and Van Grieken circulated images of Muslims on the day of the Feast of Sacrifice.

In his tweet, Van Grieken said that “...

When India annexed and reduced Jammu and Kashmir to a centrally administered territory exactly a year ago, observers felt the move was aimed at changing the region’s Muslim-majority character.

While it may take years to enforce huge demographic changes, it appears that the local population has already been ejected from the official machinery, thus further engraining a complex of disempowerment in the region.

According to figures available with the Jammu and Kashmir government,...

A young Muslim man was brutally attacked by a group of men near Delhi on suspicions of transporting beef, it emerged on Sunday after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

According to Times of India, police said that the incident took place on Friday morning in Haryana's Gurgaon district and one of the accused had been arrested.

In the video, a group of men can be seen dragging and kicking the 27-year-old victim, identified as Lukmaan, as a huge crowd watches in...

In violation of the status quo, Israeli police today allowed Jewish fanatics to openly perform religious rituals on the premises of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, in Jerusalem’s old city, according to witnesses.

They said the fanatics, who were marking a Jewish event, held public prayer at Bab al-Rahma (Golden Gate) area inside the Islamic holy compound during the daily visit hours.

When Muslim worshippers attempted to block the fanatics from holding their prayers...

Greek Government Spokesperson Stelios Pecas said that the transformation of Hagia Sophia into a mosque is a ‘provocation’ not only for Greeks and Christians but also for the entire Western and civilized worlds.

Peças, “Hagia Sophia to be converted to a mosque on Friday and held there shows not only the Greeks and all Christians, all provocation towards the West and the civilized world. Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Miçotakis Greece in the statement concerning the celebration of...

"Price tag" vandalism is a strategy used by extremist Jewish settlers to attack Palestinians and their property.

A mosque was vandalized Monday in a suspected “price tag” attack in the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian residents.

Attackers spray-painted anti-Arab slogans and racist graffiti on the walls of a mosque in al-Bireh city in the central West Bank, the residents said.

"The Israeli government is responsible for such criminal and racist acts,” Hussam...

Aswastika and graffiti were daubed overnight on a mosque in the town of Agen, southwestern France, the interior minister said Sunday, denouncing what he called an "odious" act.

Gerald Darmanin expressed his "support for the Muslims of Agen" in a tweet in which he described the vandalism as "contrary to the values of the Republic."

Messaoud Settati, president of the town's Islamic association, said he was alerted to the desecration at around 2 a.m.

The mosque had handed...

The center-right People's Party (OVP) and Green Party government in Austria is preparing to institute a controversial surveillance program on Muslims in the country in a supposed bid to fight against so-called "political Islam."

In the initiative announced by the government in January, various groups continued to push back against the continued pursuit of anti-Muslim and foreign policies that had begun under the previous far-right government.

The OVP announced that a planned...

Some 22% Swedish people are not open to the idea of having a neighbor who is either Muslim or has a Middle Eastern background, according to a recent study.

Most participants said it does not matter where their neighbors come from, according to a survey by polling company Novus published in The Local news website.

Only 4% participants said they would like to have neighbors with Muslim or Middle Eastern backgrounds.

Some 16% participants said they would not want neighbors...

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called for dismissal of a Starbucks barista who wrote "ISIS" on a Muslim woman's cup.

Aishah, 19, said she and her friend went to buy a coffee at the Starbucks located inside a Target store in St. Paul, Minnesota last week.

After telling her name for the order, Aishah realized that the employee wrote something else at the side of the cup and hid it from the view, the CBS Minnesota reported.


Regional government set to allow Hindus to visit shrine despite order banning social, religious gatherings amid pandemic.

The regional administration in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir is set to allow a Hindu pilgrimage despite rising coronavirus infections and deaths.

Under a government order effective the weekend of July 4, the regional administration has prohibited all social and religious gatherings but at the same time is allowing a Hindu pilgrimage to a shrine in...

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for spray painting swastikas on all four sides of a Muslim woman’s car in a Boston suburb earlier this month.

The Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in announcing the reward Monday said officers responding to the graffiti in Revere in the early morning hours of June 11, also found the words “white power” spray painted on the street.


Greece is closing down one of the oldest Muslim prayer halls in the greater Athens metropolitan area.

Saying the facility lacks a license to operate, the Education and Religious Affairs Ministry gave a 15-day notice to clear the premises in Piraeus, a port city just 12 kilometers (seven miles) from the Athens city center.

“We are sad to announce that we received a closure order for one of the oldest prayer halls of the capital…without any chance of negotiating with the ministry...

Racism exists in Denmark, where foreigners are exposed to inequality, a lawmaker said Monday. 

Pernille Skipper, who is also the spokesperson for the left-wing Red-Green Alliance, spoke in parliament about racism and Islamophobia in the country.

"There is something to be said at this lectern. Yes, there is racism in Denmark," she said, adding non-white people are "more unlucky" and are more exposed to inequality than white people.

Skipper said it is harder for people...