An Australian candidate for the ruling Liberal Party was dismissed on May 1 due to his Islamophobic comments.

Australian Muslims have an ideology “demanding the killing or enslavement of non-Muslim Australian citizens,” Jeremy Hearn wrote last year in the comment section of an online magazine.

He added that Australian Muslims should be refused citizenship as they wanted to overthrow the government and bring in Sharia law, in the comments unearthed by a local daily.


Sri Lanka announced a ban on face coverings, including veils and burqas, in the wake of the Easter suicide bombings that killed 253 people. 

President Maithripala Sirisena used emergency powers to ban any form of face covering in public.

The new decree announced today means Muslim women in Sri Lanka will no longer be able to wear veils covering their faces. 

An MP called for the ban last week, citing the religious garment's use by terrorists to escape authorities by...

Hundreds of Muslims are in hiding after fleeing the Sri Lankan port city of Negombo as communal tensions rise in the aftermath of the deadly Easer Sunday bombings.

The bombings, which killed 359 people and injured 500, shattered the relative calm that has existed in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka since a civil war against mostly Hindu, ethnic Tamil separatists ended 10 years ago, and have raised fears of a return to sectarian violence.

A group of around 800 Muslims are being...

Police arrested a Phoenix teenager who allegedly brought a chemical substanceto school after telling a classmate that he wanted to blow up a Muslim worship center.

Officers arrested the 15-year-old Pinnacle High School student at his campus on Tuesday after students said they saw him with a "plastic bag containing several pounds of a white powdery substance," police said Wednesday.

School officials apprehended the boy and notified the Phoenix Police Department, which said the...

Germany's far-right politicians shared xenophobic conspiracies and provocative messages on social media following the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday.

In a tweet, Alice Weidel, the parliamentary group leader of the Alternative for Germany, the country's largest opposition party, implied a connection between Monday's blaze and previous anti-Christian "attacks" in France.

"During Holy Week #NotreDame burns. March: second largest church Saint-Sulpice burns...

A suspected far-right extremist verbally and physically assaulted a Muslim woman at a Berlin metro station, police said on April 15.

The incident was the latest in a string of xenophobic attacks in the German capital in recent months targeting people of foreign appearance, including Muslim women with headscarf or Jews wearing a kippah.

The 33-year old Muslim woman told police on Sunday that a man uttered racial slurs and later assaulted her at the Greifswalder metro station....

A racist message urging followers to like the post for a "dead Muslim" was posted from Sweden's ruling Social Democratic Party's Twitter account, which got hacked on Monday, a statement by the party said.

A shocking message reading "One like = one dead Muslim" was posted from the ruling party's account, which was hacked at 2.00 a.m. local time (0000GMT).

The party took a hold of the control of the account at 9:30 a.m. local time (0700GMT), the statement said.

The hackers...

Copenhagen Police confirmed the arrests on Monday morning.

Unrest in the area on Sunday followed a demonstration by Rasmus Paludan, an extremist right-wing agitator whose demonstrations feature burning the Quran in areas with sizeable minority ethnic communities. Paludan has previously received a conditional prison sentence for making derogatory or degrading remarks about black South Africans in comments published on YouTube.

Paludan’s demonstration on Sunday took place at...

An Australian senator acted in self-defence when he physically retaliated against a boy who had smashed an egg on the lawmaker's head, police have ruled.

Video of last month's clash involving Senator Fraser Anning went viral and sparked debate in Australia over who - if anyone - should face police action.

Police cautioned the 17-year-old boy, but said neither would face charges.

The incident happened after Mr Anning caused fury by blaming the New Zealand mosque attacks...

India's ruling Hindu nationalist party released its election manifesto on Monday, three days before the start of a multi-phase general election in the world's largest democracy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to spend more than $1.4 trillion on new infrastructure over five years to create much-needed jobs and to pursue his nationalist agenda if he wins the election.

Modi's right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also promised $300 billion for the country's hard-pressed...

Among Germany's nearly 4.5 million Muslims, around 3 million are of Turkish origin. Almost 90 percent of imams in Germany are educated outside the country. The majority of them come from Turkey.

The German Islam Conference, convened by Germany's interior minister since 2006, set a goal last November to address the education and financing of local imams.

The German government believes it is time to increase the Muslim community's integration into society by reducing foreign...

A Muslim soldier will be suing the US army after her command sergeant major allegedly forced to take off her hijab in front of their colleagues.

Sergeant Cesilia Valdovinos, who is serving in the 704th Brigade Support Battalion, said in a recent interview with Yahoo! that she has experienced “extremely hateful” behaviour for her Muslim identity.

“I got called a terrorist. I got called ISIS,” Ms Valdovinos told Yahoo!. “I hear comments that I’m the reason why 9/11 happened....

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on April 1 condemned a verbal and physical Islamophobic attack on Muslim woman.

“A sickening attack, which I condemn in the strongest possible terms,” Kurz wrote on Twitter, sharing a report which included video taken by the Austria-born Muslim woman who was attacked by an elderly Austrian woman.

“In Österreich [Austria] we stand for a respectful and peaceful coexistence of all religions!” he added.

However, many social media users...

A Palestinian man was killed during a clash with Israeli forces in a refugee camp near Jerusalem yesterday night amid the arrest of three brothers.

Mohammed Adwan, 23, was killed by Israeli gunfire whilst two others were wounded.

Soldiers fired at close range at a Palestinian vehicle driving at al-Matar Street, killing Adwan in his car.

He was killed on the scene and his corpse was rushed by ambulance to Ramallah Medical Complex.

Locals added Israeli forces denied...

The Canadian province of Quebec will ban public sector employees from wearing religious symbols during work hours, in legislation introduced on Thursday, a controversial move that critics say targets Muslim women who wear hijabs or other head coverings.

The proposed law sets the province's right-leaning Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government on a collision course with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who promotes religious freedom, in a federal election year with a Quebec a vital...