The Youth and Sports Ministry has pointed out the dangers of Islamophobia creeping into young minds through video games with a new campaign. A booklet titled "Islamophobia In Video Games" was presented at a convention of sports and youth ministers at the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) that ended in Istanbul on Friday. The booklet shows examples of outright Islamophobic graphics, text and actions in games that broadly insult Muslims.

Speaking on the booklet, the Youth and...

A Muslim woman had her hijab pulled down on a busy north London street in racially-motivated assault and police is asking for help to find the attackers.

London police are asking for help finding two men who pulled off the headscarf of the woman in her 20s, who was shocked and distressed after the Sept. 28 attack. Police says she was not physically hurt.

Detective Ben Cousin said police will not tolerate "racially and religiously motivated crimes" and asked for help locating...

A student in Canada has been told she could not sit an exam after she refused to partially remove her hijab.

The girl was asked by a male biology teacher to pull her headscarf behind her ears so he could see if she was wearing headphones, according to a spokesperson for the school in Montreal.

"She didn't want to show him her ears," Line Legare, from the College de Maisonneuve.

According to Ms Legare, the student said the teacher could touch her hijab to prove she was...

The full-face Islamic veil may be banned in Norwegian schools and universities soon, the government announced on Wednesday, amid a wave of increasing Islamophobia in Europe.

Education Minister Torbjorn Roe Isaksen, quoted in the Vart Land newspaper, said the government was seeking "national regulations prohibiting the full-face veil in schools and universities".

Muslim women are rarely seen wearing such veils in Norway, let alone in schools. But the issue has come up recently...

Around 40 posters with anti-Muslim messages containing profanity were discovered on Tuesday at the University of Calgary campus located in Canada's Alberta province. The hateful messages follow anti-Sikh posters which were posted two weeks ago on the same campus.

Calgary police and the university are collaborating to find the perpetrators through investigating security cameras and asking people to turn them in.

The faculty, staff and students convened at the campus shortly...

A Muslim man was told to leave a Southwest Airlines flight after another passenger overheard him speaking Arabic on his mobile phone.

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a 26-year-old Berkeley graduate, was removed from the plane at Los Angeles International Airport in April this year.

Once seated, he had made a brief call to his uncle in Baghdad, telling him how excited he was to ask a question to the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, during a dinner the previous day.