Police in Paris have detained a man who stood up and started shouting “Allahu akbar!” during a screening of the film "Joker," sending moviegoers into a panic, witnesses say.

The 34-year-old individual, who has not yet been identified, is now being observed in the psychiatric ward of police headquarters following the incident Sunday night at the massive Grand Rex theater, according to Le Parisien.

A witness told the newspaper that during the middle of the film, the man first...

A Swedish TV show for children, "Lilla Aktuellt," that airs on the country's state channel released an episode on Oct. 15 on Turkey's Operation Peace Spring. The show's premise is to present events and affairs in a child-friendly manner, however, it was used as a propaganda tool to spread anti-Turkish sentiment and has led to discrimination against children belonging to the Turkish community.

Around 10 minutes of the show on Operation Peace Spring portrayed the Turks as conducting an...

A full 27 percent of all Germans and 18 percent of a population group categorized as “elite" - or university graduates with an annual income of at least €100,000 - have anti-Semitic thoughts, according to the survey. 

Another 41 percent think that Jews talk too much about the Holocaust, the representative survey of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), reported in German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, showed. 

Yet every fourth interviewee considered it possible that "something like the...

A scientist at the University of Amsterdam is under fire because she rejected a Turkish student for an internship due to the Turkey's operation in Syria. In response to the student's application, the scientist said that she is "not inviting Turkish students at this time" due to the situation in Syria, AD reports.

"We reject the employee's reaction. Apologies were offered directly to the student", the University of Amsterdam said on its website. "The UvA is an inclusive and diverse...

Sympathizers of the PKK terror organization and its Syrian affiliate People's Protection Units (YPG) attacked a Turkish cafe and kiosk Monday evening in the German city of Herne, injuring five people.

According to dpa, around 350 YPG supporters were protesting against the Turkish military's anti-terror operation in northern Syria when the situation escalated and the supporters attacked the Turkish establishments.

The protestors attacked a kiosk and the cafe "Bizim Konak,"...

Supporters of the PKK/YPG terror group Saturday attacked a Turkish association and market in Germany.

In the town of Villingen-Schwenningen, southwestern Germany, the terror supporters attacked two Turkish citizen when they reacted against PKK supporters’ march against Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria.

“We have not been daunted by these attacks and we will not,” Ziya Karakuscu, the president of Villingen Turkish Workers Association, told Anadolu Agency.


A neo-Nazi who killed two people in eastern Germany Wednesday originally planned to storm a mosque, according to a manifesto apparently written by him and posted online.

Stephan Balliet, 27, tried to enter a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle apparently to commit a mass shooting, but was blocked by tight security. He later killed a woman on the street as well as a man in a nearby Turkish doner restaurant.

“I originally planned to storm a mosque or an antifa ‘culture...

The decision to award the Austrian playwright Peter Handke the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature has sparked outrage after he previously denied the Srebrenica genocide.

In 1995, during the Bosnian war, the Serbian army entered the town of Srebrenica and killed over 8,000 Bosnian Muslims over five days, the biggest war crime in Europe since World War II.

Albania’s Foreign Minister Gent Cakaj said on Twitter it was shameful that the award had been given to a “genocide denier”....

The suspected gunman in the Yom Kippur synagogue attack in Halle, Germany, broadcast his rampage on the livestreaming platform Twitch, in the latest instance of rightwing extremists using mass shootings to create and promote real-time propaganda.

About 35 minutes of video was broadcast live on Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform that is primarily used by video game players, the company confirmed Wednesday. Twitch removed the video but copies had already been downloaded and shared...

The Norway mosque gunman, accused of killing his 17-year-old step-sister before opening fire at an Islamic centre in Oslo, gave a Nazi salute in court today. 

Philip Manshaus, 22, stormed the Al-Noor mosque in an affluent suburb of the city on August 10 before he was overpowered by a 65-year-old worshipper.

One person was injured in the rampage before Mohamed Rafiq heroically apprehended Manshaus. 

His step-sister, Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen, adopted by his father's...

Police in the eastern German city of Zwickau announced Sunday that a second memorial dedicated to the first victim of the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a German right-wing extremist terror group, had been vandalized. The destruction took place in the night between Saturday and Sunday.

The memorial, a wooden bench, had been set up at the site of a previous memorial, an oak tree, which had been sawed down earlier this week. The bench had been put there to replace it.


A memorial tree planted to remember the first victim of far-right terrorist group NSU has been destroyed by suspected neo-Nazis, authorities said on Friday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert strongly condemned the attack and called for a full investigation into the crime.

“The killing spree of the NSU, which has been undetected over a long period of time, is really a shame for Germany,” Seibert said during a regular press conference in Berlin.


Presenters and journalists must not describe Donald Trump as a racist even when he makes racist statements, the BBC has clarified.

Although it is acceptable to characterise racist comments made by public figures as such, staff are not allowed to then imply the person who said them is themselves a racist, David Jordan, the BBC’s director of editorial policy and standards, said.

He was speaking on BBC Radio 4 to defend the decision to censure the Breakfast presenter Naga...

The number of people holding this type of permit has risen dramatically in Germany. Currently 640,000 citizens are entitled to carry an alarm gun, up from 260,000 in 2014, according to a survey conducted by RP Online of all 16 German states. 

In total, there are currently around 5.4 million privately owned weapons in Germany, or 66 weapons per 1000 inhabitants.

In the past 12 months, the increase amounted to around nine percent compared to the same period last year.


A Turkish family home on Long Island, New York, was set on fire early Wednesday, the landlord told Anadolu Agency.

Yunus Karaoglu said fire started in the garage next to his house around 2.30 a.m.

He said the firefighters arrived in 10 minutes but despite efforts to contain the blaze, his garage and vehicle were burnt.

There are no casualties from arson attack, he added.

Authorities said they have not found evidence of Xenophobia or Islamophobia.