Syrian woman recalls regime jail torture, rape threats

June, 2019

A former inmate of Syrian prisons run by the Bashar al-Assad regime recounted the torture and abuse she faced during her incarceration as her scars keep horrific memories alive.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Nur Hammad -- a pseudonym to protect her identity -- spoke for the first time about the cruelty she was forced to endure during her nine-month imprisonment at several detention centers.

The 30-year old was arrested by the Assad regime soldiers in May 2018.

Before her arrest by regime henchmen, Hammad worked as a pharmacist in the Eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus -- which was under intense siege by forces loyal to Assad.

She left the region to move to Idlib, though she was later forced to seek return after her mother called her back as her younger sibling died.

"I prepared my stuff and left off to go to my mother [to Eastern Ghouta]. After passing the Free Syrian Army [FSA] checkpoints I reached the Assad regime checkpoints where they were conducting identity checks," she said.

She was called out of the car, only to find out her name was on the wanted list of the Syrian regime.

Hammad said she was brought to the Aleppo political security center after being searched and handcuffed.

She was searched by men, who touched her and disrespected her religious and traditional values.

"Later, a woman who was around 50 years old came and took me in a separate room where she removed all my clothes and searched me as well," she said.

From there, Hammad was brought to the Aleppo military intelligence center, with her hands bound behind her back.

Source: AA