Woman has a swastika carved onto her stomach by supporters of Brazilian far-right presidential candidate

October, 2018

A woman had a swastika carved onto her stomach by supporters of the far-right Brazilian presidential candidate.

The three attackers used a pocket knife to etch the Nazi symbol into her skin in retaliation for her wearing a top slamming controversial contender Jair Bolsonaro.

The 19-year-old, who was wearing a #NotHim t-shirt, was targeted by a group of men claiming to support Bolsonaro in Porto Alegre on October 8.

She told police she was getting off a bus and about to walk home when she was physically assaulted by the thugs.

The image of her defaced stomach has since circulated on social media.

Gabriela Souza, the woman's lawyer, said she was attacked because she was wearing the anti-Bolsonaro slogan and a rainbow sticker, a symbol of support for LGBT rights.

"This homophobic act was done with the aim of intimidating her, she was physically and emotionally affected, and there is an obvious political context there." she said.

Source: Daily Mail