Tales of horror from YPG/PKK's 'black dungeon' in Afrin

April, 2018

Innocent people held by YPG/PKK in their torture chambers have spoken about the horrors they faced when Afrin, northwestern Syria, was under control of terrorists.

According to a TRT Kurdi report, terrorists did not even spare children and women at their so-called prison in Racu district, which was recently liberated by Turkish-backed troops during Operation Olive Branch.

The report showed the “black dungeon" where terrorists brutalized Syrians. Free Syrian Army (FSA) Cmdr. Ehmed Badirli told TRT Kurdi about the torture he faced there.

"YPG/PKK slammed my head against the wall in the black dungeon. Blood has accumulated in this ear. One of my ear is in good condition but the other is not functioning properly. They killed my wife and children. They murdered my wife and children."

Another survivor Nadil Heydar, who used to be a doctor, told Anadolu Agency how he was tortured and made blind. “Two people came and tied up my hands. They tied me to a chair. They opened my eyes and put out their cigarettes in my eye. They hauled me on the ground. One hit my stomach and another hit my back. Someone put a cloth on my mount to keep me silent.” He added, no hope inside 'dungeon'.

Azad Ahmet, a civilian from Afrin, said: "This is the black dungeon, there was no hope that a person ending up here would come out. They made people go deaf and blind. They broke people's feet and rib bones. They put people in cells."

Showing the cells, 31-year-old Ahmet said: "People were dying in these cells and they (YPG/PKK terrorists) killed people here. These cells are here and probably there are more than a hundred.”

He said people were threatened with torture at these cells if they refused to join their terror group. “They said, if you do not get involved with us, we will make you blind, deaf and cut off your tongues in these cells. They do not care if you live or die. Even now some blood can be seen on the ground. The only liberation a man could get here was death. They ripped our friends’ ears off their heads using pliers, pulled their nails out and made them blind here. There are 100 cells in this black dungeon. Inside there were women, there were children, there were old people, there were all kinds of people. They were killing people and saying they were dead."

Yusuf Abdurrahman, a 24-year-old man from Afrin, said: “The YPG/PKK terror group oppressed civilians regardless if they were children or women. The villagers' blood was splashed on the walls, traces of which are on the walls. I know and hear that many of the women were held here just because they did not love them and sympathize with them. They tortured them for the reason that they did not love and sympathize with them. I know some were killed by them. They killed a large number of people from Afrin in these prisons. They did not want anyone to live here except sympathizers" of the terrorist group. He added the YPG/PKK did everything to disturb public peace.

"They set people against one another here. They drove a wedge between Arabs and us. They brought the Arab women, Kurdish women here."

Source: AA