Jailed Palestinian, Ahed Tamimi subject to verbal harassment: Video

April, 2018

A video showing a portion of an Israeli interrogation session with jailed teen activist Ahed Tamimi was released to the public at a press conference in Ramallah, showing Israel's interrogation tactics on the then 16-year-old.

The video showed a portion of a more than two-hour interrogation session with the minor at Israel's Shaar Binyamin detention centre in the occupied West Bank on December 26. 

The Israeli interrogators used verbal threats and intimidation techniques to coerce Ahed into cooperating with Israeli authorities.

Israeli interrogators are seen commenting on Ahed's light skin. "My little sister is blonde and her eyes are like yours," one of the interrogators said in the video, and asked Tamimi if her skin also turned red when she goes to the beach.

These tactics were used "just to get her to interact with the interrogators," Bassem Tamimi, her father, told reporters at the conference.

They also intentionally mispronounced her mother Nariman's name to get her to say something.

Throughout the interrogation, Ahed responded only with "I choose to remain silent".

The interrogators threatened to arrest her friends and family if she did not speak, naming her relatives in Nabi Saleh by their first names.

"We will arrest everyone in the video," one of the Israeli interrogators said.

They continued: "I don't want to have to bring those children here ... You say something, maybe we don't need to."

Source: Al jazeera