Jair Bolsonaro, candidate in Brazil, faces women’s calls: #NotHim

October, 2018

Brazilian women may not have galvanized behind any one candidate in the coming presidential election, but a growing number have taken to social media to make clear whom they will not vote for: the far-right front-runner Jair Bolsonaro.

A social media campaign called #EleNão — or #NotHim — is the most recent example of how women in Brazil are mobilizing against a politician who has publicly called women ignorant, too ugly to rape, or undeserving of the same salary as men. In one speech, Bolsonaro, who is the father of four sons and one daughter, called having a female child a “moment of weakness.”

“Not him because he’s machista, not him because he’s homophobic, not him because he’s racist, not him because he’s a throwback for our democracy,” a popular Brazilian singer, Daniela Mercury, said in a video posted to Instagram over the weekend. She urged Brazilians to attend nationwide protests repudiating Mr. Bolsonaro on Saturday.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up on Facebook for planned “Women Against Bolsonaro” marches, and 2.9 million have joined the “Women United Against Bolsonaro” Facebook group, which turned private after it was repeatedly hacked.

Source: NY Times