Visually impaired man thrown out of supermarket in France over guide dog

October, 2018

A French man and his guide dog being kicked out of a supermarket has sparked outrage on social media in France.

"Sir, I have hygiene standards to respect, I cannot accept any animals in the store.” This is what a supermarket employee told Arthur Aumoite, a visually impaired man, when he tried to enter a Monoprix store in Marseille with his guide dog Loya to buy groceries.

Aumoite posted a four-minute video of the interaction on his Facebook page on October 8 along with a post where he describes being "violently thrown out by the supermarket director and a security guard".

In the video, the 25-year-old attempts to reason with the employee by citing French law that allows the presence of guide dogs in public places and refuses to leave the supermarket.

Source: EN