US skirts question on executions in Egypt

March, 2019
United States of America

The U.S. State Department avoided answering a question Thursday on the recent execution of nine men by Egyptian authorities, saying it needed to research the issue more.

Asked by reporters whether the U.S. had anything to say on the matter as well as on reported human rights abuses in the country, spokesman Robert Palladino said he did not have any comment and would like to "gather more information before responding."

"We discuss human rights regularly in all of our interactions when we engage with other nations, and that includes Egypt," Palladino said.

"But we have raised and will continue to raise, at senior levels, the fundamental importance of human rights and human freedoms and the need for a robust civil society.”

The State Department later responded to Anadolu Agency in an emailed statement, saying it is aware of the reports but is not in a position to comment on the executions.

"Capital punishment is permitted under international law, as long as it is imposed and carried out in conformity with a state’s domestic law and international obligations," the statement said.

Source: TRT Haber