Seehofer wants to store data about radicalised children

March, 2019

The protection of the Constitution should be allowed to save according to the will of the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU), in the future, information about radicalised children. This is yet prohibited.

Situations where it comes to children, shall be now held in the files of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV). An entry in the Message information system (NADIS) is not allowed.

The idea behind the current minimum age limit of 14 years was: Who ends up by the indoctrination of their parents or their own aberrations in Childhood on the Radar of the constitutional protection, it should later have, therefore, no disadvantages. For example, in the immigration authorities. Or if he is applying as an adult for a job for which a security check is required.

The Federal office considers the elimination of the age restriction, however, is acceptable and necessary. Especially so that the state can keep children out of the Islamist Milieu. On the one hand, to children of radical Salafists, who are brought up in Germany for hatred of supposed “infidels”. The safety authorities want to prepare but also on the possible return of dozens of children, whose “jihadists-parents” had joined the terrorist militia DAESH in Iraq or Syria. These children have cruelly seen the part first-hand.

Source: CC Discovery