Homelessness on the rise in Germany

July, 2019

Around 650,000 people in Germany are without a permanent home, according to figures released by the Federal Association for Assistance to Homeless People (BAGW).

The figures are based on estimates from 2017 and revealed that: Most homeless people live in emergency shelters, but around 48,000 people live on the streets. Migrants from EU nations in eastern Europe account for most rough sleepers. Three in four of the homeless across Germany are men, who are mostly single. Some 22,000 children are homeless in Germany. Around 375,000 asylum seekers and refugees in temporary accommodation are included in the total number.

The previous estimate was of around 860,000 homeless people. However, this year's report specified that the new, lower figure was not an indication of less people being homeless in Germany, more it was an improvement in their method instead. The number of homeless in Germany is more likely to have increased by 15 to 20%, the service said. Rosenke said there was "no reason to stop pushing for change." 22,000 children are among the homeless in Germany.

Not enough houses are being built, the BAGW argued, saying in the report that: "We need between 80,000 and 100,000 new council flats every year, and another 100,000 new affordable apartments." Germany is short of around two million houses, the report added.

Source: DW