German journalists demand more protection from far-right

August, 2019

Six German journalist and activist organizations have sent an open letter to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer asking for more protection from far-right terrorists in the country.

Recent police raids on far-right networks have uncovered several lists of journalists and left-wing politicians, apparently as potential targets.

"In the context of the latest reports about 'death lists' compiled by far-right activists: can you guarantee that each individual whose name appears on such a list or a similar one will be informed of it when they request it, and receive recommendations for their safety?" the groups wanted to know of the ministry. "Will individuals be proactively informed if there is a concrete threat on their life?"

"A free press is a basic pillar of our democracy," the letter continued. "Given the proven fact that journalists have become special objects of hatred for many far-right extremists, it is essential that the safety of media representatives is guaranteed so that they can carry out their work without hindrance."

Source: DW