Hospital waiting times at worst-ever level

November, 2019
United Kingdom (England)

Key targets for cancer, hospital care and A&E have been missed for over three years – with delays for hospital care and in A&E hitting their highest levels since both targets were introduced.

The monthly figures – the last before the election – prompted Labour and the Liberal Democrats to attack the Tories’ record on the NHS.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “huge demand” was to blame.

He said only the Tories could be trusted to have a “strong, dynamic economy” to ensure the rises in the NHS budget being planned could be made.

“I’m afraid when I look at the rival proposals and the economic disaster that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party would cause, that will make it impossible for us in the long term to fund the NHS.”

But Labour leader Mr Corbyn said the performance figures were “disgusting” and a lack of staff and funding was to blame.

And Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman Luciana Berger said the Tories had a “shameful” record.

Demand for all services is rising and the NHS is still managing to see the over-whelming majority in time.

But performance has been deteriorating for a number of years – and is now well below what it should be.

Figure show:

4.42 million patients on the waiting list at the end of September, the highest number ever

84.8% of them waiting under 18 weeks – below the 92% target and the worst performance since the target was introduced, in 2012

76.9% of cancer patients starting treatment within 62 days – below the 85% target

83.6% of A&E patients admitted or transferred within four hours in October – below the 95% target and the worst performance since the target started was introduced, in 2004.

Source: BBC