In Italy, patients were hospitalized on the streets, while funerals accumulated in the corridors

April, 2020

In Italy, the country most affected by the corona virus epidemic, patients were hospitalized and kept on the streets, while funerals were stacked in the hospital corridors.

The terrible images from Italy, where the number of people killed by the corona virus reached 15,362 and the number of cases reached 124,632, once again revealed the reality of the disease.

Due to the collapse of the health system in Italy, hospitals are on the streets, patients are kept on stretchers and chairs in the hospital gardens. While it was observed that the bodies were huddled in the hospital corridors due to the insufficient morgues, the bodies were lined up side by side in the bags, some of them naked, some of them in their bags.

The shocking images recorded in Italy reminded people once again the importance of taking action.

Source: News Maker