Ban on headscarf in Austria moved to Constitutional Court

January, 2020

İGÖÖ President Ümit Vural, the right-wing Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) and the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) in the coalition government passed during the parliamentary school and implemented in September 2019, the headscarf ban on schools has made statements.

Vural, "Today, the Constitutional Court complained about the ban on headscarves in primary schools. used.

Vural pointed out that the headscarf is a religious practice of Muslim women known to all over the world, and as an Islamic community, they strongly opposed the oppression of women.

Vural, the power of the period and the minister of education compliance, secularism and gender equality of educational institutions for reasons such as the ban put into effect, but for the same reasons in accordance with the principle of any religious symbol or costume clothes are prohibited, underlined the principle of equality by targeting the headscarf alone. .

Vural reminded that the government took a decision without the need to establish dialogue with them on a matter such as headscarf, which directly concerns Muslims.

Vural, the ban on the headscarf in primary schools is not a response in society, the subject is shown to be used to realize the promise of a populist election by showing different, he said.

Vural stated that the headscarf ban was contrary to fundamental rights and freedoms, freedom of religion and conscience, and the principle of equality before the law and stated that this prohibition that violates human rights would not strengthen the Austrian society.

In Austria, in May 2019, the headscarf ban on primary school students passed in parliament has been implemented in schools since September, and families of children who do not comply with the law may be fined 440 euros.

Source: National News