A car hits pedestrians outside a mosque in northwest London

September, 2018
United Kingdom (England)

Emergency services were called to the Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini Islamic Centre on Oxgate Lane in Brent on September 19.

The car failed to stop after colliding with three people, however two were transported with minor injuries.

In a statement the Metropolitan Police said the incident was not being treated as terror-related, rather as a hate crime.

Police said there were reports that the people in the car — three men and a woman all in their mid-twenties — were behaving “anti-socially, drinking and allegedly using drugs”.

The group was asked to leave the private car park however they then reportedly drove near the centre where the driver and passengers were involved in a “confrontation” with a group of people visiting the centre.

It’s alleged Islamophobic comments were made by those in the car.

The car then reportedly sustained minor damage as a result of the comments and it sped off, colliding with three people.

In a post on Facebook, The Hussaini Association said patrons were “indiscriminately mown down in a suspected premeditated Islamphobic attack”.

Source: Daily Telegraph