Prohibit niqab to mothers in front of schools

October, 2018

"Masters and school staff must know who the children entrust at the end of the lessons, and therefore who goes to take must be recognizable" with this motivation the Lega members of the Parliament Simona Pergreffi and Daniele Belotti ask to ban the niqab to mothers who present themselves at school.

The representatives of the Carroccio, citing a ruling by the Supreme Court, wrote to the Minister of Education Marco Bussetti to the provincial school teacher of Bergamo Patrizia Graziani and to the prefect Elisabetta Margiacchi urging "a circular" addressed to all primary and secondary schools of first degree of the province communicating for reasons of safety and protection of the students, as well as for self-protection of the school staff, it is mandatory to be identifiable not covering the face at the time of withdrawal of the minor at the end of school lessons ".

Source: Ansa