Aubenas refuses the burial of a convert in the Muslim square

October, 2018

Cathy Rehner, also known as Sara (her name taken during her conversion to Islam), disappeared on May 9, 2016. The young woman had to go to a professional meeting in Largentière, Ardeche. But then she did not give any sign of life.

Two years later, in May 2018, her ex-partner finally admitted to having killed her and left her in a forest. 

Now, Cathy Rehner's relatives who must finally recover her remains, wish to bury him in the Muslim square of the Aubenas cemetery.

 It was indeed in this commune that she lived for some time before her tragic end, even though the young woman had married another man, with whom she had been living in Marseille for a short time. 

Only, the mayor is opposed. Chantal Rehner, the mother of the young woman, asked for explanations. 

He told that her daughter does not "fit the criteria" to be buried in the Muslim square of Aubenas. 

"My daughter was born in Aubenas, she lived there, she worked there, she paid her taxes, all her relatives live there. She had returned her apartment a month before she disappeared. It's incomprehensible that the mayor refuses. She could show a little compassion!" says her mother, who still does not know where she will bury her daughter, at the Muslim Post.

Source: Le Muslim Post