Mother wants to call her baby "Jihad", the mayor refuses

November, 2018

In Dijon, France, municipal authorities demanded the annulment of the name by mobilizing a mother's newborn child to call the 'Jihad'.

According to local media reports, unknown mother, who gave birth last week, tried to give her child name to the 'Jihad' during the registration process.

The prosecutor's office in the court of Dijon stated that they took into account the complaint because "the word jihad is used in the context of terror by fundamentalist religious groups in the context of terror, even if the meaning of the struggle is war."

Speaking on the subject, the mother said that if this name was not accepted, she could give her name to Cahid instead of jihad. But he also said he could go to a higher court based on the reasoning of the decision.

In a similar incident in Toulouse in April in France, the court did not allow the newborn to be named Jihad.

Source: Lessentiel