Copies of Quran 'shoved in toilet' in Germany after being ripped apart

July, 2019

In the latest Islamophobic attack to take place in Germany, 50 copies of the holy Quran were ripped apart in a local mosque, The New York Times reported.

Officials said the place of worship - which is located in the country's Northwestern city of Bremen - was attacked by one or more people. The attacker(s) broke into the building and went about ripping and damaging the Qurans. 

Some of the damaged holy books were found shoved in toilet seats, while Anadolu Agency reported a Quran was set on fire. 

The German government immediately condemned the hate attack as police launched an investigation into the incident. Authorities have called on anyone who witnessed the attack to come forward. 

In an official statement issued on Wednesday, Steffen Seibert, Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, said "this is exactly the kind of aggression against the peaceful exercise of religion that we will not tolerate in this country."

Prominent German Muslim leader Aiman Mazyek commented on the shocking incident, explaining that the hateful act seems to be aimed at fueling "the spiral of hatred and violence against Muslims and their mosques."

Source: Step Feed