Terre des Femmes pushes headscarf ban for girls

August, 2019

A girl below the age of 18 wearing a headscarf? The human rights organization "Terre des Femmes" believes it is morally wrong and is demanding that the German government ban headscarves for girlsin schools and daycare centres. On Thursday, the group presented a petition, launched in June on their website, to the public.

"Terre des Femmes" argues that girls who wear headscarves during childhood are not able to decide against it later in life, and that the number of girls wearing headscarves in many schools and kindergartens has increased. The group not only sees the headscarf as a symbol of Islam, but rather as a symbol of the discrimination and sexualization of minors. There are, however, no concrete figures on the number of children who wear a headscarf.

Among the initial signatories of the petition are actress Sibel Kekilli, women's rights activist Alice Schwarzer, the Green party mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, the liberal Muslim lawyer Seyran Ates and the Islam expert Ahmad Mansour. Organizations such as Germany's Federation of Paediatricians and the German Professional Association of Gynaecologists are also participating in the campaign. "We see the children's headscarf as a violation of children's rights," said the director of "Terre des Femmes," Christa Stolle.

Source: DW