French justice refuses to allow a child to be named “Jihad”

September, 2019

According to the story reported by Agence France Press, a mother gave her child the name “Jihad”. But french courts refuse and consider the first name “harmful to the child”.

Public prosecutor’s office in Dijon, in french department of the Golden-coast, cancelled this Friday, 27 September  2019, the first name “Jihad” given to a child. A year ago, a mother gave her child that name. The French courts have invalidated the first name and consider that “Jihad” has a “pejorative meaning”. “The court does not accept this first name because it considers that it may be harmful to the child and likely to cause him problems,” Dijon prosecutor told AFP.

The case was brought to the court in November 2018, when the municipality of Dijon mayor called for the cancellation of the baby’s first name. According to justice, parents must take into account the best interests of their child, and not give him or her a name associated with war or violence. “The first name “Jihad”, which has a pejorative meaning because it is associated with Islamist movements, is replaced by the first name “Jahid”, which, in Arabic, has the same meaning of effort, courage,” the source quoted by AFP said.

As for the child’s mother, she reassured that she would comply with the court’s refusal by “exchanging two letters” in the first name. Thus, instead of “Jihad”, she will give her little boy the first name “Jahid”.

Source: RT