Halal meat at school: "There is no right to have a religious menu"

October, 2019

Their children cannot eat pork or meat that is not slaughtered according to the halal method.

For this a group of Bengali Muslims asked the leadership of the elementary school attended by their children, in Mestre, to be able to have "halal" meat according to the rules of the Koran on the menu of the canteen.

The case broke out on the occasion of the first meeting of the families of the students with the teachers of the primary "Cesare Battisti", where the classes have over 60% of foreign students.

The head teacher merely advised the parents "to request a menu without meat on the registration form for the canteen service, as it could not guarantee the halal type".

But the request raised vehement political controversies, especially from the Lega: "We are really at the apotheosis of the absurd - commented the deputy Alex Bazzaro - what is happening in Mestre is shameful. Now the parents of the most fundamentalist Muslim children demand to have for their children a religious diet with Halal meat.

"A derogation from the menu - continues Bazzaro - can be understood due to medical needs, but not wanting to integrate and not wanting to accept customs and traditions of our country, including cuisine, is unacceptable".

Source: L'unione Sarda