A mosque of Gap targeted by Islamophobic tags

November, 2019

Islamophobic tags were found Sunday, November 17 on the walls of a Muslim prayer room Gap, whose leader received a letter of threatening claims.

The head of the Muslim and Cultural Association of Gap (AMCG) discovered November 17 on the walls of his prayer room a series of inscriptions Islamophobic, announced Monday the Prefecture of Hautes-Alpes and the floor.

In addition, the head of the prayer room "gave the police a letter to the head of the" Free Party of France "indicating that it was Act 1 before an act 2 that would take place outside Gap, "told AFP the public prosecutor Florent Crouhy.

This "letter will be sent today (Monday, ed) for expertise – DNA and papillary traces," added Mr. Crouhy, adding that "the" free party of France "is unknown to the prosecution services as services of information ".
An investigation was opened for "death threats, public insults and degrading", entrusted to the urban security brigade of Gap police station. After filing the association's complaint, the qualification will also include "provocation to discrimination or racial hatred".
A reinforced security device was set up with regular patrols around the place of worship.

The National Observatory against Islamophobia, dependent on the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), denounced "the multiplication of these vile and heinous acts against the places of worship", which are "the expression of hatred and intolerance with regard to Frenchmen of Muslim faith ".

Source: Mbs