Vandals damage cars and homes in Israel's Arab village

December, 2019

Vandals damaged some 20 vehicles and spray-painted anti-Arab slogans in a suspected hate crime attack in an Arab village of northern Israel.

Masked suspects arrived before dawn at the village of Manshiya Zabda, southwest of Haifa city, slashing the tires of at least 20 cars and spray-painting hate graffiti in Hebrew on nearby walls, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

The vandals painted slogans such as "Arabs are enemies who should be deported or killed."

Rosenfeld said the police have been investigating into the incident. "We are taking evidence from the scene and searching for suspects that fled the area," he said.

Ultra-nationalist Israelis have been known to carry out such so-called "price tag" attacks against Palestinians and their property in the West Bank and Israel.

Tag Meir, an Israeli anti-racism watchdog, warned that Israeli authorities should step up actions to halt further attacks.

Source: Xinhuanet