Bullet threat message sent to mosque in Germany

March, 2020

A bullet letter and a gun bullet were sent to a mosque in the town of Röthenbach near Nuremberg, Germany.

“You will never be safe” statement was stated in the letter of threats sent to the Röthenbach Mosque, which is affiliated with DITIB.

DITIB Röthenbach Mosque Association President Recep Çalık said in the statement that they opened the letter, when the letter sent by mail in the morning was left to the administration room by the official.

Çalık said, “When our friends under the management of the mosque opened the envelope with a blue outer surface, they saw the threat letter with the phrase” You will never be safe “and there was a diameter pistol bullet underneath.” said.

Stating that they are carrying out their activities in harmony with their neighbors and local authorities in their cities, Çalık said, “This is the first time that we have experienced and we were very nervous. We transferred the incident to the police and we have been assured that there will always be security around the mosque.” used expressions.

Police reportedly launched an investigation into the incident.