District to investigate Islam quiz questions, criticizes Scottsdale college's 'rush to judgment'

May, 2020
United States of America

The Maricopa County Community College District defended a Scottsdale professor criticized on social media for quiz questions that implied terrorism is encouraged under the Islamic faith.

A Muslim student at Scottsdale Community College took offense to the questions, which were part of a quiz administered last month during a World Politics course.

The student circulated the questions on social media, prompting backlash. The school apologized last week, saying it agreed with the student that the questions were inaccurate and the professor would apologize.

But the district, of which the Scottsdale college is a part, said Monday that the questions posted on social media were taken out of context and fell within the scope of the course.

It promised an immediate investigation.

Steven Gonzales, the district's interim chancellor, said he was troubled by a "rush to judgment" by the college and its failure to follow proper procedures in responding to the controversy.

"I apologize, personally, and on behalf of the Maricopa Community Colleges, for the uneven manner in which this was handled and for our lack of full consideration for our professor’s right of academic freedom," Gonzales said in a statement.

Source: azcentral