This provocative action in Bratunac, which is in the Republika Srpska (RS), which is one of the two entities in the country, and today the majority population is Serbs, drew the reaction of the Muslim Bosniaks in the city.

Elvir Hodzic, the imam of the mosque in the city center, stated that the pig carcass was noticed yesterday before the noon prayer, and said that they thought the carcass around which flies were gathered belonged to a dog first.

Hodzic said that they realized...

The controversial photo of the nine students, taken during the school’s Saint Sava Day celebration on Monday, caused an uproar among Bosniaks in Srebrenica who said they fear for their children’s safety.

The Chetnik Detachments of the Yugoslav Army was a WWII Serb nationalist movement. During the 1992-95 Bosnian war, Serb nationalists wearing Chetnik insignia committed numerous crimes against humanity against the non-Serb population in the Bosnia - including the 1995 Srebrenica...

Migrants making their way into Croatia from Bosnia are now greeted with a hard-hitting advertising campaign stating: ''Welcome to Croatia - Country of torture.'' 

A local NGO, ‘Inicijativa Dobrodošli’, or Welcome Initiative, is behind the campaign which aims to support refugees and protest against restrictive and abusive migrant policies.

With winter approaching, thousands of migrants, many from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa are stuck in makeshift camps in Bosnia. With...

Bosnian police could also be seen rounding up migrants and taking them to the nearby notorious Vucjak camp. They were not allowed to stay in the Bosnian town of Bihac.

Elsewhere local security forces took dozens of migrants from a Bihac-bound train and bused them away from the town. But even those who do arrive in the camp face hardship.

Migrants fleeing war, persecution, and poverty are desperate. "I have such a problem, no toilet, no water, please some media, help me," one...

The frightening scenes come from Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje, in which messages of hatred towards Bosniaks were noticed.

In this town in Central Bosnia, scary hate messages have been drawn on cars and houses belonging to Bosniaks.

The messages glorify genocide and call for new killings of Bosniaks.

The messages “Knife, wire, Srebrenica”, “Balija”, “There will be no balija”, “Ustasha” and Ustasha letters U and Nazi crosses were drawn.

Central Bosnia Canton police have...

A Bosnian Serb leader has falsely claimed that the Srebrenica massacre, in which more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed, is a “fabricated myth”.

Milorad Dodik, who heads Bosnia’s multi-ethnic joint presidency, said the massacre was “something that does not exist”, at a conference discussing war crimes committed during the Bosnian conflict.

Bosnian Serb troops killed the Muslim men and boys after capturing the eastern town of Srebrenica on 11 July 1995.


The government of Bosnia’s autonomous Serb Republic set up panels on Thursday to re-examine the number of victims in Srebrenica and Sarajevo during Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war, a move Western countries view as a push to revise history.

Bosnia is formed out of the Serb Republic and a federation representing its ethnic Croat and Muslim Bosniak communities, under the peace deal that ended the bloodiest of the 1990s wars that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia.

A massacre of Muslim...

Srebrenica, where 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed by Serb nationalist forces seeking to carve an ethnically homogeneous state out of Bosnia, has elected its first Serbian mayor since the 1995 massacre.

For relatives of the victims, the election of Mladen Grujicic, a Serbian nationalist who denies that the massacre was genocide despite international court rulings to the contrary, marks an ominous turn in Bosnian politics.

The US-brokered Dayton accords that ended the war...

A statue symbolizing a father and son, who were killed by Serbian soldiers during the Bosnian War, has been vandalized in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Sarajevo.

According to the Sarajevo Police Department, the memorial was split into half by a 1994 born Croatian citizen, who was detained after the attack.

Bosniak artist Mensud Keco sculptured the "Nermin Come" statue in 2015, which was erected in a park in Sarajevo's city center in memory of Srebrenica war victims.


People in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Serbian entity -- Republika Srpska -- celebrated the creation of the small state for the second year in a row on Monday, defying a ruling from Bosnia's highest court.

Celebrations, which were backed by senior members of the entity’s government, began with a parade in Banja Luka city.

Monday’s ceremony was secured by around 1,000 police officers, and the entire city was decorated with Republika Srpska flags.

Republika Srpska’s president...

Coup soldiers attacked civilians with tanks, F-16 jets and helicopters. They targeted innocent civilians deliberately. Turkish parliament and Presidential Complex were also bombed by coup plotters. However, despite this tragic event that no representatives or officials from EU have visited for condolence since failed coup in Turkey.

The European Union (EU) is abandoning all pretense of human rights restraints in its refugee policy. A strategy paper published last week by the EU Commission outlined migration partnerships that will compensate nine states in Africa and the Middle East, both transit countries and countries of origin, for their cooperation in deterring refugees.
The goal of the agreements—described as “compacts”—is “the combatting of causes of flight and a reduction of irregular migration to Europe,”...