Institutional racism is prevalent in criminal justice systems across the European Union and has created a "justice gap" in such cases, a new study has found.

The research, carried out by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), has found "deeply-rooted institutional racism" affects all parts of the justice process, from the very reporting of the crime to sentencing.

This is despite data suggesting that the occurrence of racially-motivated crimes are on the rise in many EU...

The southern Walloon region of Belgium joined its northern counterpart on Sunday in banning kosher slaughter in the country, provoking an outcry by the Conference of European Rabbis (CER).

The northern Flanders region  had implemented the law banning the killing of animals without pre-stunning them on January 1 of this year. Animal-rights activists maintain that this is a more humane method of slaughter, but religious Jews and Muslims cannot eat this kind of meat as it contravenes the...

Hundreds of spectators cheered and applauded as the chief protagonist of a Belgian parade - "the Savage" - appeared in the town of Ath on Sunday (Aug 25), but anti-racism groups strongly criticised the character and his blackface disguise.

The folk festival called Ducasse d'Ath, which traces its roots back to the 16th century and is endorsed by UNESCO as a cultural heritage, takes place every August in the small town about 60km west of Brussels.

On Sunday, as it does every year...

In 2018, 67 homeless people died in the streets of Brussels, which is 5 more than in 2017. In 2005, when the first memorial service was held, there were 'only' 23 people, said Kris Roels of Collectief Straatdoden to Bruzz.

The city of Brussels and Collectief Straatdoden (Street dead collective) organised a memorial service for all homeless people that passed away for the 14th year in a row. The goal is to give them a worthy goodbye.

According to Benjamin Ntabundi, coordinator...

A 9-year-old Palestinian child was found dead on April 25 at a refugee camp in the city of Antwerp in Belgium, local media reported.

The child went missing on Monday evening in Broechem town while out cycling at the camp, according to the report.

Police started a murder investigation and five suspects were arrested.

"I wish to express my sincere condolences on the tragic death of a child. An investigation will be conducted in a transparent and independent manner. The...

Apart from a website, which is designed to educate aspiring asylum seekers on their chances of settling in Belgium, there would also be a special Facebook campaign targeting certain groups, namely Palestinians and Moroccans.

Belgium’s Immigration Office has launched a six-month-long dissuasion campaign aimed at potential migrants in their countries of origin, as well as refugees in transit countries, Minister of Asylum, Migration, Health and Social Affairs Maggie De Block, who is in ...

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has apologised for the kidnapping of thousands of children born to mixed-race couples during colonial rule in Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda.

The "métis" children born to Belgian settlers and local women were forcibly taken to Belgium and fostered by Catholic orders and other institutions.

About 20,000 children are believed to have been affected.

Most fathers refused to acknowledge the paternity of their children.

The children...

Racial discrimination against Africans "is endemic" in Belgium's institutions and the nation needs to apologize for the crimes committed during its colonization of Congo and make reparations, U.N. experts said Monday.

Belgium's actions in Congo have long been criticized as one of the worst examples of colonial abuse. Writer Adam Hochschild alleged in his 1998 book "King Leopold's Ghost" that Leopold reigned over the mass deaths of millions of Congolese.

"The root causes of...

Police in Belgium arrested a third suspect for killing a person in a shooting in the city of Antwerp, local media said on Feb. 3.

According to French-language daily Le Soir, one person died and two others were injured on Saturday when a gunman opened fire in front of a cafe on Brederode Street.

The shooting followed an argument of a father and son with two Turkish nationals. A passerby who tried to resolve the dispute was also injured.



The Brussels Criminal Court has sentenced 54-year-old woman to three years in jail for attacking her 19-year-old daughter. The woman had stabbed her daughter in the abdomen and under the chin after she had converted to Islam and secretly married a Muslim.

The judge stated that the sentence would show the mother that her behavior was “unacceptable,” reported Belgian news outlet

The Muslim convert married a Muslim man without telling her Orthodox Christian family.


As the year 2018 came to a close Monday, it brought with it an end to kosher slaughter in the northern Flanders region of Belgium, home to half of the country’s Jewish population and a major supplier of meat for European Jewish communities.

In June 2017, the parliament in the Flemish region, one of the five sectors that make up the country, unanimously passed a resolution banning ritual slaughter without stunning.

The decision followed a similar one approved in May 2017 by the...

Belgium’s Africa Museum will reopen to the public on 9 December after five years of renovations designed to modernize the museum from an exhibition of pro-colonial propaganda to one that is critical of Belgium’s imperialist past.

The museum, full of artefacts and stuffed wildlife, was often criticized for ignoring the brutalities of King Leopold II’s fiefdom, whose troops collected the hands of those who resisted slave labor at a time when millions of Congolese people are estimated to...

The European Court of Human Rights on September 18 convicted Belgian authorities for violating the EU Convention on Human Rights by excluding a Muslim woman from a courtroom for refusing to remove her headscarf.

In 2007, the applicant, referred to by the EU court as "Mrs Lachiri", was attending a court hearing in a case concerning the death of her brother.

The presiding judge of the court told Lachiri "that she could not enter the hearing room unless she removed her headscarf...

Report by Refugee Rights Europe says 94 percent of refugees in Brussels sleep rough and majority don't get enough food.

Refugees in the Belgian capital, Brussels, are living in "untenable" conditions with many sleeping rough and without access to sufficient food, a report by Refugee Rights Europe (RRE) has warned.

Researchers found that 94 percent of refugeessurveyed in the city said they slept rough, while 73 percent said they did not get enough to eat every day.


Around 76 percent of Islamophobic attacks in Belgium in 2017 targeted Muslim women, an anti-Islamophobia association in the country revealed on Saturday.

The Belgian Association for the Prevention of Islamophobia (CCIB) published a report on the attacks happened in 2017.

According to the report, the attacks mainly carried out by targeting places of worship, spreading hatred on social media and physical aggression towards people.

“There is an Islamophobic attack in...