A woman had a swastika carved onto her stomach by supporters of the far-right Brazilian presidential candidate.

The three attackers used a pocket knife to etch the Nazi symbol into her skin in retaliation for her wearing a top slamming controversial contender Jair Bolsonaro.

The 19-year-old, who was wearing a #NotHim t-shirt, was targeted by a group of men claiming to support Bolsonaro in Porto Alegre on October 8.

She told police she was getting off a bus and about to...

Brazilian women may not have galvanized behind any one candidate in the coming presidential election, but a growing number have taken to social media to make clear whom they will not vote for: the far-right front-runner Jair Bolsonaro.

A social media campaign called #EleNão — or #NotHim — is the most recent example of how women in Brazil are mobilizing against a politician who has publicly called women ignorant, too ugly to rape, or undeserving of the same salary as men. In one speech...

A Brazilian judge has ordered the border crossing from Venezuela closed to Venezuelan immigrants fleeing their country’s economic and political turmoil but the border remained open on Aug. 6 pending an appeal by the federal government.

Hundreds of Venezuelans continued to walk across into Brazil, a border official said.

Federal judge Helder Barreto on Sunday ordered the border closed until the frontier state of Roraima can create “humanitarian” conditions to receive the massive...