Coup soldiers attacked civilians with tanks, F-16 jets and helicopters. They targeted innocent civilians deliberately. Turkish parliament and Presidential Complex were also bombed by coup plotters. However, despite this tragic event that no representatives or officials from EU have visited for condolence since failed coup in Turkey.

The European Union (EU) is abandoning all pretense of human rights restraints in its refugee policy. A strategy paper published last week by the EU Commission outlined migration partnerships that will compensate nine states in Africa and the Middle East, both transit countries and countries of origin, for their cooperation in deterring refugees.
The goal of the agreements—described as “compacts”—is “the combatting of causes of flight and a reduction of irregular migration to Europe,”...

Refugees who fled Syria by water landed in an area of British military bases in Cyprus and as a result of this a debate over whether the responsibility over refugees belonged to Cyprus or Britain emerged and a limbo ensued.
Syrian refugees revolted against bad treatment. Tents were burned down. Refugees protested British officials chanting “we are not animals”. Syrian refugees who live under very harsh conditions in tents reacted to officials.