The bodies of a 27-year-old Syrian woman and her two young children have been found in a freezer in southern Denmark.

Officers are searching for the woman's husband who is also father to the children, aged seven and nine.

Police said they were contacted by a member of the woman's family who had not been able to reach her for several days.

The woman and the two girls were last seen on Wednesday or Thursday and on Sunday evening their bodies were found in a freezer inside...

Members of a Danish nationalist party sparked controversy when they distributed cans of spray labeled “Asylum Spray: Legal [and] Effective” in the town of Haderslev in southern Denmark on Saturday.

The Danskernes Parti (Party of the Danes) is currently trying to qualify for the next parliamentary elections and seeks to have all non-Western immigrants thrown out of the Scandinavian country.

Chairman and founder of the party, former neo-Nazi Daniel Carlsen, said the spray could...

Almost 7,000 "Islamophobic" tweets were sent, in English, every day in July worldwide, data seen by the BBC suggests.
This compared to 2,500 in April, with peaks recorded following the Nice lorry attack and the attempted military coup in Turkey.
Forty-nine words and hashtags were used as indicators of anti-Islamic tweets, by the think tank Demos.
Twitter said it was "continuing to invest heavily" in preventing abuse.
Demos analysed tweets recorded between March and...

The first Muslim boarding school, located near Fuglebjerg in southern Zealand, Denmark, was recently vandalized with anti-Islam graffiti. The walls of the school were sprayed with hate messages such as “Fuck Islam” and “Islam out of DK”, while several windows were painted with targets.
The school staff were shocked and shaken, and the Danish Islamic Community (DIT) has called on Danish politicians to distance themselves from Islamophobia. “This is the most uncomfortable thing I have...

Coup soldiers attacked civilians with tanks, F-16 jets and helicopters. They targeted innocent civilians deliberately. Turkish parliament and Presidential Complex were also bombed by coup plotters. However, despite this tragic event that no representatives or officials from EU have visited for condolence since failed coup in Turkey.

Sweden and Denmark extended border controls that were launched to prevent refugee crossings into the countries until November. Sweden’s Interior Minister Anders Ygeman told Swedish Television SVT that they extended border controls until November 11.
In an official statement on the website of the Danish government, it was noted that border controls were extended until November 12. Receiving 163,000 asylum requests last year, Sweden initiated border control in November. Denmark has been...

The European Union (EU) is abandoning all pretense of human rights restraints in its refugee policy. A strategy paper published last week by the EU Commission outlined migration partnerships that will compensate nine states in Africa and the Middle East, both transit countries and countries of origin, for their cooperation in deterring refugees.
The goal of the agreements—described as “compacts”—is “the combatting of causes of flight and a reduction of irregular migration to Europe,”...