France is pushing for the Aquarius to dock and disembark dozens of migrants in Malta, a presidential source said on September 25, after the ship’s Panamanian registration was revoked over the weekend.

"We are clear on the fact that it shouldn't spend four to five days at sea going towards France or Spain or anywhere," a French presidential source told the AFP on condition of anonymity. "It needs to dock soon and it is close to Malta at the moment.”

The development came hours...

On September 20, a 48-year-old woman denounced an assault she claimed to have been a victim.

She recounted cycling near the Galamé Park in  Loon-Plage when she was attacked by a group of seven to eight people.

She said she had two cuts on the legs, and a blow to the head. She had been stitched up with eight stitches. 

Her hearing and confrontation with the alleged perpetrators, Afghan and Pakistani migrants, made it clear that she had lied. 

This Thursday, she...

French President Emmanuel Macron has told a young unemployed gardener that there are lots of employers seeking staff.

"I can find you a job just by crossing the road," said Mr Macron, after the man brought up his concerns during a street encounter in Paris.

The jobseeker replied that employers did not respond to his applications.

France has an unemployment rate of about 10%, which is above the European average.

Mr Macron has responded by trying to make it easier...

France acknowledged for the first time it was responsible for systematic torture during the Algerian war of independence in the mid-1950s. 

President Emmanuel Macron said on September 13 that Maurice Audin, a communist pro-independence activist who disappeared in 1957, "died under torture stemming from the system instigated while Algeria was part of France."

Macron, who paid a visit to Audin's widow on Thursday, was also set to announce "the opening of archives on the subject...

French police on Aug. 12 searched for a driver who rammed his car through the front doors of a mosque in a suburb of Lille in northern France, a police source said.

No one was injured in the incident which occurred at about midnight.

France is on alert after a wave of Islamist attacks in past years that have killed more than 240 people.

“The car broke through the doors of the Al Wifaq mosque,” the police source told Reuters.

An official in the local prefecture...

She was walking on a Paris street when it happened, not far from her home. In a scene that has shocked an entire nation, a man approached her in broad daylight, struck her in the face and somehow managed to get away.

Marie Laguerre, a 22-year-old architectural student, released CCTV footage of the incident on her personal Twitter account. It shows her rounding a corner on July 24, trailed shortly thereafter by a man who is clearly saying something to her, although the video has no...

Four people accused of illegally helping migrants cross the border into France were being questioned by police on July 17, the latest case over aid provided to refugees on the move through Europe.

The activists, part of the "Tous Migrants" association, took part in a solidarity march of 100 activists escorting some 20 migrants over an Alpine pass last April.

They were responding to a blockade set up at a nearby mountain pass by several dozen far-right activists from Generation...

As France clinched its second-ever World Cup win over Croatia thanks to goals by migrants and a Muslim, fans and onlookers quickly pointed out the need for the country to apply its victories on the field to life off the field.

Often in the spotlight for its xenophobic and Islamophobic social policies, France didn't seem to mind when it came to good footballers, stocking 78.3 percent of its team with immigrants, a third of whom are Muslim. That was the highest percentage among any...

Lafarge is a French industrial company specializing in three major products: cement, construction aggregates, and concrete. Between 2013 and 2014, the company's Jalabiya plant operated on Daesh*-controlled territories in northern Syria.

The firm has been accused of financing terrorist organization and crimes of against humanity in Syria. The judges have also charged the holding company with violating an embargo and endangering the lives of others, Reuters reported, citing judicial...

Butchers in France have asked the government for police protection from animal rights activists, claiming their security was being threatened and that vegans were trying to impose a meat-free lifestyle on the nation.

The French federation of butchers wrote to the interior minister saying shops had been sprinkled with fake blood and covered in graffiti. It claims that a growing media focus on veganism was threatening butchers’ safety.

The letter said France’s 18,000 butchers...

French police on June 26 continued questioning 10 suspected far-right extremists over an alleged plot to attack Muslims that has fuelled safety concerns in Europe's biggest Muslim community.

Nine men and one woman aged 32 to 69 were arrested in raids across France on Saturday.

The suspects, whose detention was extended late Monday for a further 48 hours, had an "ill-defined plan to commit a violent act targeting people of the Muslim faith.” Police have linked the ten to a...

Macron told off a teenager during visit to Mont Valerian fort where French resistance members were executed.

Like most politicians, French President Emmanuel Macron seems to enjoy pressing the flesh and posing for selfies when on public outings.

Just don’t call him by a nickname.

A cheeky teen who dared greet him with a breezy “How’s it going, Manu” during an official outing near Paris on Monday was left red-faced after receiving a sharp dressing-down from the 40-year-...

Child refugees are being abused, detained and illegally sent back to Italy by French border guards, according to a new report from Oxfam. 

Some children as young as 12 were being held overnight in cells without food, water or blankets, or access to an official guardian, the report states. 

French police routinely stop unaccompanied children and put them on trains back to Italy after altering their paperwork, either to make them appear older or to make it look as though they...

French Jewish groups and Israeli officials protested on June 12 after the mayor of a Paris suburb renamed a street to honor the thousands of Palestinians forced from their homes during Israel's creation in 1948.

Dominique Lesparre, the Communist mayor of Bezons, on Monday officially renamed a street near city hall "Allee de la Nakba" (Nakba Lane) to commemorate the Nakba, or "catastrophe", when more than 760,000 Palestinians were expelled by Israeli forces or fled 70 years ago.


Police moved in on the biggest migrant camp in Paris on May 30 where 1,700 people lived in makeshift tents alongside a canal.

The migrants will be housed temporarily at more than 20 sites across the Paris region while the authorities check their identities, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said.

CRS riot police were deployed at dawn, some arriving by boat, as the migrants emerged from their tents and waited patiently to be bussed away from the Port de la Villette camp in the...