France’s most important church sex abuse trial to date is likely to end in acquittal for a cardinal and other senior Catholic officials accused of protecting a pedophile priest, despite years of efforts by his victims to seek justice.

The Rev. Bernard Preynat confessed to abusing Boy Scouts, and his victims say church hierarchy covered up for him for years, allowing him to work with children right up until his 2015 retirement.

But by the time the cover-up trial reached court in...

French judges have dropped their long-running investigation into the deadly 1994 attack on former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana, which sparked the country’s genocide, a legal source told AFP on Wednesday.

The probe has been a major source of tension between the two countries after seven people close to current Rwandan President Paul Kagame were charged in the French investigation.

Philippe Meilhac, lawyer for Habyarimana’s widow Agathe, told AFP that plaintiffs in the...

Eleven migrants have been found dead in a boat in the sea off southern Spain along with 33 survivors, the Spanish coastguard said Thursday.

A coastguard spokeswoman told AFP that rescuers had taken the migrants, who came from sub-Saharan Africa, to the Spanish port of Almeria early Thursday.

She said rescue services had been searching for the boat for two days in the sea between Spain’s southern Andalusia region and the north of Morocco.

“Eleven people were found dead on...

Undocumented migrants living in makeshift camps in northern France have been subjected to an “unprecedented” violation of their basic rights over the past three years, the country’s human rights ombudsman said in a report Wednesday.

Jacques Toubon said that migrants camped out along France’s northern coast and in Paris were “in a state of extreme destitution, deprived of all shelter and preoccupied with trying to fulfil their basic needs: to eat, to drink and to wash”.

In 2015...

France's "yellow vest" protests over the last three days have been marred by demonstrators being killed and injured, but also by incidents at road blocks that saw some drivers targeted by racist or homophobic abuse. In some cases protesters fought among themselves.

The movement has been under fire after videos were broadcast showing protesters shouting racist abuse at ethnic minority motorists. In Cognac in the southwest a black woman driver was told to “go back to your country”,...

French conservative Republican MP Julien Aubert has put his name behind a series of migrant integration proposals that would include banning the Islamic headscarf in public institutions and make Muslims adopt French names to become citizens.

The proposals come from a new 50-page booklet entitled the “Tricolore Booklet on the Islam(s) of France,” which lists 18 proposals in total, published by the Oser la France movement which was formed by Aubert last year, France3 reports.


In Dijon, France, municipal authorities demanded the annulment of the name by mobilizing a mother's newborn child to call the 'Jihad'.

According to local media reports, unknown mother, who gave birth last week, tried to give her child name to the 'Jihad' during the registration process.

The prosecutor's office in the court of Dijon stated that they took into account the complaint because "the word jihad is used in the context of terror by fundamentalist religious groups in the...

France has the largest Jewish community in Europe - around 550,000 people.

Increasingly, however, many say they no longer feel safe in their country.

The Pinto family chose to move away from Seine-Saint-Denis, a Paris suburb.

Last year, three men locked them up for several hours in their home. They were "targeted" because of their religion.

"They told us, you are Jews, so you have money,'' says Roger Pinto. "They tied up my son, and they kicked my wife in the ribs...

Cathy Rehner, also known as Sara (her name taken during her conversion to Islam), disappeared on May 9, 2016. The young woman had to go to a professional meeting in Largentière, Ardeche. But then she did not give any sign of life.

Two years later, in May 2018, her ex-partner finally admitted to having killed her and left her in a forest. 

Now, Cathy Rehner's relatives who must finally recover her remains, wish to bury him in the Muslim square of the Aubenas cemetery.


“I sleep here.” 21-year-old Ahmad points to a grubby blanket on a patch of soil beneath an apartment block in northern Paris. It’s 3am in October but the Afghan national wears only a T-shirt. His arm bears a small bullet wound, and a cluster of self-inflicted slashes cover both wrists.

“I got a letter saying if I find you anywhere in Afghanistan, I will shoot you directly like your father,” he says in perfect English, sweeping back an overgrown fringe. “I said to my mother, ‘Goodbye,...

Bosnian police blocked about 400 migrants from reaching the border with its neighbour and EU member Croatia on October 23, sparking a scuffle, shortly after thwarting another group in a similar attempt.

"They tried to cross by force. The police turned them down. There was a scuffle," police spokeswoman Snezana Galic told AFP of the confrontation near the Maljevac border post, where about 100 police were deployed.

No injuries were reported. By late evening, some 100 migrants...

The UN Human Rights Committee on October 22 criticised France's so-called burqa ban, saying the law "violated" the rights of two women who were fined for wearing full-face veils in public.

The committee called for the women to be compensated and for a review of the 2010 law that forbids people from publicly wearing clothing that conceals their face.

"The French law disproportionately harmed the petitioners' right to manifest their religious beliefs," the committee said in a...

A French man and his guide dog being kicked out of a supermarket has sparked outrage on social media in France.

"Sir, I have hygiene standards to respect, I cannot accept any animals in the store.” This is what a supermarket employee told Arthur Aumoite, a visually impaired man, when he tried to enter a Monoprix store in Marseille with his guide dog Loya to buy groceries.

Aumoite posted a four-minute video of the interaction on his Facebook page on October 8 along with a post...

France is pushing for the Aquarius to dock and disembark dozens of migrants in Malta, a presidential source said on September 25, after the ship’s Panamanian registration was revoked over the weekend.

"We are clear on the fact that it shouldn't spend four to five days at sea going towards France or Spain or anywhere," a French presidential source told the AFP on condition of anonymity. "It needs to dock soon and it is close to Malta at the moment.”

The development came hours...

On September 20, a 48-year-old woman denounced an assault she claimed to have been a victim.

She recounted cycling near the Galamé Park in  Loon-Plage when she was attacked by a group of seven to eight people.

She said she had two cuts on the legs, and a blow to the head. She had been stitched up with eight stitches. 

Her hearing and confrontation with the alleged perpetrators, Afghan and Pakistani migrants, made it clear that she had lied. 

This Thursday, she...