A BBC investigation found universities received more than 700 allegations of sexual misconduct during the past academic year.

Students accused their universities of being paralysed by fear of reputational damage and not offering proper support.

Universities UK said institutions were making progress in handling complaints.

But students said they had to go through "traumatic" and lengthy complaints procedures, with one saying she "felt like the one on trial" and another...

Institutional racism is prevalent in criminal justice systems across the European Union and has created a "justice gap" in such cases, a new study has found.

The research, carried out by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), has found "deeply-rooted institutional racism" affects all parts of the justice process, from the very reporting of the crime to sentencing.

This is despite data suggesting that the occurrence of racially-motivated crimes are on the rise in many EU...

The Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, Urmila Bhoola, explained that over 40 million people are enslaved around the world, a quarter of them children. Due to problems of environmental degradation, migration and shifting demographics, the scourge of modern-day slavery is expected to grow.

Over 60 percent of those in forced labour work in the private sector, Ms. Bhoola said, with women and girls disproportionately affected. Of the female victims involved in forced...

Boris Johnson’s comments on women wearing the veil led to a surge in anti-Muslim attacks and incidents of abuse, the monitoring group Tell Mama has said.

In its annual report, the group said two significant spikes occurred in 2018. The first, in spring, reflected the "Punish a Muslim day" incident when letters were sent to Muslim homes, institutions and places of work. The letter suggested people could win “points” for a range of activities aimed at Muslims, including removing a...

David Parnham, 36, sent hate filled letters to Muslims across the country, which resulted in ‘fear and paranoia spreading across Muslim communities’.

He also sent hundreds of hate filled letters to the Queen and Theresa May between June 2016 and his arrest on 12 June last year.

Parnham also praised white supremacist Dylann Roof, who murdered nine black parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, in December 2016, the Old Bailey heard. Passages from the letter, which had Parnham...

Boris Johnson has been strongly criticised for arguing Islam has caused the Muslim world to be “literally centuries behind” the west, in an essay unearthed by the Guardian.

Writing about the rise of the religion in an appendix added to a later edition of The Dream of Rome, his 2006 book about the Roman empire, Johnson said there was something about Islam that hindered development in parts of the globe and, as a result, “Muslim grievance” was a factor in virtually every conflict.


Two women were thrown off a Thomas Cook flight from Turkey to Gatwick after they allegedly said three Muslim men in white prayer shawls were “terrorists” and a “threat” to the safety of the plane, other passengers have claimed.

Videos of the incident, which took place after 1am on Friday, show one of the women, who are believed to be British, removing her bag from the overhead luggage rack before being escorted off the plane by police.

The incident meant the flight from Dalman...

Tommy Robinson has been given a nine-month prison sentence – of which he will serve about 10 weeks – after he was found guilty of contempt of court at an earlier hearing.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, broadcast reports that encouraged “vigilante action” and “unlawful physical” aggression against defendants in a sexual exploitation trial, according to the judges who found him guilty last week.

Passing sentence on Thursday, Dame Victoria Sharp said of...

Former European election candidate and English Defence League founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, widely known as Tommy Robinson, was found of guilty of contempt of court over broadcasting a trial of a sexual grooming gang last week. The activist has insisted that the case against him is politically motivated.

Tommy Robinson, known as a vocal anti-Islamisation activist, has publically begged US President Donald Trump for asylum ahead of his sentencing hearing in a contempt of court case....

Almost a quarter of British children do not know the meaning of the word “refugee”, according to a new survey, amid mounting evidence of a growth in negative sentiments and scepticism towards those seeking asylum in the UK. 

Just over half of teachers (52 per cent) spoken to by the British Red Cross (BRC) said they had witnessed “anti-refugee” sentiments in their pupils and almost a quarter of children (24 per cent) did not know what a refugee was. 

The poll of 750 primary and...

The anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson has been filmed punching an England fan to the ground outside a football stadium in Portugal.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, can be seen walking purposefully toward the man before striking him in the head.

Footage shows the man falling to the floor as Robinson shouts: “Fuck about again you’ll get knocked out again, bruv.”

The video appears to have been filmed outside the Estádio D Afonso Henriques in Guimarães,...

Ramadan worshippers have detained a man at a London mosque after he reportedly attempted to attack people with a hammer. 

The worshippers seized the man at around 4.30am outside the Darussalam Cultural Centre in Southall, west London. 

He was arrested by police, who said the incident was not terror related.

"A 38-year-old man is reported to have attempted to attack people," said a Metropolitan Police spokesman. 

He was detained by worshippers prior to police...

Children are whitening their skin with make-up to avoid being bullied or racially abused at school, according to charity NSPCC.

Its research suggested racial abuse and bullying of children had risen by one-fifth since 2015-16.

There were over 10,500 race hate crime offences against children across the UK in 2017-18 - an average of 29 a day.

A 10-year-old girl told NSPCC she "tried to make her face whiter" as others described her skin as "dirty".

The girl who...

Police in Scotland are investigating an Islamophobic hate crime after racist and anti-Muslim comments were found spray-painted on the walls of a mosque Monday night.

The crime took place at the Elgin Islamic Centre in north Scotland around 11:00 p.m. A swastika symbol was sprayed on the walls as well as other racist and vulgar comments. Scottish police have described the incident as “completely unacceptable”.

"Well, of course we're worried. I mean, if we don't say that, then we...

Posters put up in an Essex town bearing the phrase “Islamists not welcome” are being treated as a hate crime, police have said. 

Put up in several Rayleigh streets, they also warned targets to “stay back or we will kick you back”.

They displayed a symbol used by the pan-European white nationalist group Generation Identity alongside silhouette images of a mounted crusader chasing a pair of armed figures – one of whom is wearing a burqa.

Initially officers did not consider...