Tommy Robinson has told Sky News he does not care whether his message "incites fear" of Muslims as long as it "prevents children from getting raped".

The English Defence League founder spoke about being found guilty of contempt of court in May last year for videoing and expressing views about suspects in a sexual grooming case in Canterbury.

He said: "If I believe I'm morally right then I'm not bothered about what your law says."

The right-wing activist, whose real name...

Ukip has proposed Muslim-only prisons and special security screening for would-be migrants “from Islamic countries” in a new policy document. 

Published as the party’s annual conference began in Birmingham, it calls for the creation of jails “exclusively for” Muslims who “promote extremism or try to convert non-Islamic prisoners”.

Other ambitions outlined in the so-called ”Interim Manifesto” include a ban on mosques receiving money from overseas and the abolition of the “hate...

Two 15-year-old boys have been arrested on suspicion of planning to carry out far-right terrorism offences in Kent.

Police said the pair, both from Ramsgate, were arrested at their home addresses on suspicion of preparing for terrorist acts.

Both of the teenagers are being questioned at a police station in the South East.

The South East Counter Terrorism Unit has confirmed the alleged offences involved far-right ideology.

Det Supt Nigel Doak said: "We treat the...

Emergency services were called to the Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini Islamic Centre on Oxgate Lane in Brent on September 19.

The car failed to stop after colliding with three people, however two were transported with minor injuries.

In a statement the Metropolitan Police said the incident was not being treated as terror-related, rather as a hate crime.

Police said there were reports that the people in the car — three men and a woman all in their mid-twenties — were behaving “anti...

The head of the populist UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been criticized by the party’s former leader for joining an anti-Muslim rally last weekend in the northern city of Sunderland.

Speaking after the Islamophobic rally, Nigel Farage warned that Gerard Batten needs "to be careful what company he keeps".

At the rally, organized by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) – an anti-Muslim movement formed by far-right hooligans –Batten gave a speech in which he targeted...

The mayor of Liverpool has said it is "despicable" that the word "invaders" has been written across a memorial to dead refugees and migrants.

It was daubed on The List, which displays the names of 34,361 asylum seekers, refugees and migrants who have died within or on the borders of Europe since 1993.

Joe Anderson said the offenders "had their brains invaded by hatred".

Merseyside Police said it had not received any reports of damage.

The installation on Great...

Two mosques in Birmingham were attacked with catapults on Aug. 16 in the wake of a car crash outside the U.K. parliament that injured three people.

No one at the Al-Hijrah and Qamarul Islam mosques was injured as a result of the attacks which lasted 20 minutes. The buildings' windows were smashed with ball bearings while worshippers were attending the evening prayers.

Armed police were deployed to the area to prevent further assaults on the mosques.

The attacks come...

The publisher of a Palestinian author denied a visa to appear at the Edinburgh book festival this year says the Home Office has effectively stopped her from speaking, despite reversing its decision.

Nayrouz Qarmout, who is also a TV journalist, was one of a dozen Middle Eastern and African writers and illustrators who had their applications for visitor visas refused, sometimes multiple times, ahead of this year’s festival, which began on Saturday.

With all but three having...

A senior British Imam backed Boris Johnson in the burqa row and said the oppressive face coverings should be banned.

Imam Taj Hargey, from the Oxford Islamic Congregation said the Tory MP has nothing to apologise for and 'did not go far enough' in his remarks.

He branded the burqa a 'hideous tribal ninja-like garment' and said its has "no Koranic legitimacy".

His strident defence came as the Tory Party confirmed it has launched a formal investigation into Mr Johnson for...

Boris Johnson has come under fire for saying that burkas make women look like "bank robbers" or "letterboxes" - but that we shouldn't ban them.

The ex-Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, attacked the dress of Muslim women in a newspaper column but he's insisted that Britain shouldn't join other countries in banning them in public.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph he mocked the dress and branded it "oppressive" - saying Denmark had got it wrong to bring in the ban last week.


Judges have decided Tommy Robinson should be released from prison after being jailed for contempt of court.

Earlier this month, the far-right leader's lawyers argued he should be freed because of “procedural deficiencies” in two court cases.

The Lord Chief Justice and two other judges have been considering calls to quash his 13-month-jail sentence and findings that he committed contempt of court in Canterbury and Leeds.

Protesters were expected to gather outside the...

Three men have been arrested in London over a suspected acid attack on a three-year-old boy in Worcester.

Police said the suspects, aged 22, 25 and 26 were detained on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

The toddler was in a pushchair in a shop with his family when a corrosive substance was “thrown or sprayed over him” on Saturday afternoon, according to West Mercia Police.

He was treated in hospital for serious burns to his face and one arm before...

British police and intelligence agencies are using children as spies in covert operations against terrorists, gangs and drug dealers.

A committee of the House of Lords revealed the practice while raising the alarm over government plans to give law enforcement bodies more freedom over their use of children.

Some of the child spies are aged under 16, the committee says, adding that it was worried about proposals to extend from one month to four the period of time between each...

Ukip’s leader has called the prophet Muhammad a paedophile at a rally for jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

Gerard Batten, an MEP for London, told protesters campaigningfor the release of Robinson in London that “rape gang members are predominately followers of the cult of Muhammad”.

In remarks prepared for the rally in London on Saturday, Mr Batten claimed the founder of Islam was “a paedophile who kept sex slaves”.

His comments were called “deeply disturbing” and...

Far-right protesters demanding the release of jailed EDL founder Tommy Robinson brought chaos to central London after blockading a bus being driven by a woman in a headscarf.

Dozens of demonstrators, some of whom were drinking, stopped the vehicle from moving in Trafalgar Square before passengers were ushered away.

The group pushed “Britain Loves Trump” posters onto the vehicle’s windscreen.

But protesters appeared on the brink of fighting among themselves as some...