The British government is separating children from parents who have been taken into immigration detention – the practice that brought worldwide condemnation for the Trump administration.

Scores of children – and possibly hundreds – are separated from a parent or carer in the UK every year, according to a charity that challenges immigration detention.

Bail for Immigration Detainees (Bid) has so far this year represented 155 parents who have been separated from a child or...

The Home Office has been accused of using UK-born children of immigrants as “cash cows” by charging extortionate sums for them to obtain citizenship.

Youngsters who were born in Britain or came here as babies are being prevented from going on school trips and attending college because their parents cannot afford to pay fees of more than £1,000.

Meanwhile, adults who have lived in the UK for years are being driven into destitution and illegality in order to renew their status,...

Global charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said that it needed to make it easier for staff to report sexual misconduct after a media report said employees used prostitutes in Africa, in the latest sex scandal to rock the aid sector.

Eight female ex-MSF employees said in a report by Britain's BBC that MSF had a "toxic" culture, including "blatant and widespread" use of local sex workers by staff, with one man bragging it was easy to barter medication for sex in Liberia.


Alan Sugar has been criticised for posting a tweet about the Senegal World Cup squad that compared the players to people selling sunglasses and handbags on beaches.

The tweet featured a photoshopped picture of the team looking as though they were selling counterfeit goods. “I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella. Multitasking, resourceful chaps,” Lord Sugar said.

After people criticised the tweet as being racist, Sugar responded by tweeting: “Why not it is...

Survivors of an attack near a London mosque have been invited to gather for a moment of silence to remember the victim and others hurt when a man drove his van into a crowd leaving evening prayers during Ramadan.

The minute's silence was held in memory of father-of-six Makram Ali, and for a dozen other people injured a year ago Tuesday.

In a statement, Prime Minister Theresa May vowed that "vile extremism" will not divide the nation.

"Last year's cowardly attack which...

The "poison" of Islamophobia is "very widespread" in the Conservative Party but is being “ignored” by Tory leaders, a former co-chair of the party has said.

Baroness Warsi said the problem was present at all levels of her party and claimed some of the Tories’ own campaigns had included anti-Muslim messages.

It follows calls for an investigation into Islamophobia in the party after a series of Conservative politicians were found to have made or shared offensive comments about...

Louis Smith has received an apology from Virgin Trains East Coast, after tweeting that a waiter asked “the only two black passengers” on one of their services “if they were meant to be in first class”.

The Olympian was travelling on one of the company’s trains on Thursday evening when he revealed on Twitter the man next to him had challenged the waiter on his actions.

He wrote; "Well this train journey certainly got a lot more interesting and political!!! The man serving tea...

The number of racist incidents in universities across the UK has surged by more than 60 per cent in two years, The Independent can reveal.

The data, from freedom of information requests, has prompted calls for universities to do more to tackle racism amid concerns that the numbers could be much worse due to underreporting.

Racism is happening every day on campuses across the UK, the National Union of Students (NUS) say, but often students do not tell their university as they...

The Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell has been accused of anti-Semitism after the leftie newspaper rejected one of his pieces.

The drawing depicted a dead Palestinian nurse burning in a fireplace.

Razan al-Najjar, 21, who was killed in Gaza clashes, was shown between Theresa May and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Millions of Jews died in ovens at Nazi concen­tration camps during World War Two.

Denying claims of anti-Semitism, political satirist Bell 57, told...

Two late-night arson attacks on Muslim and Sikh places of worship in Leeds are being treated as hate crimes by police.

West Yorkshire Police were called to the Jamia Masjid Abu Huraira Mosque in Beeston, south of the city centre, where the main door had been set on fire at about 3.45am on June 5.

A few minutes later, the door of the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha Gurdwara was also set on fire in nearby Lady Pit Lane.

Detective Inspector Richard Holmes, of Leeds District...

The incident occurred at about 1.30pm on May 28 on a Thameslink network in London.

The Bengali woman, who is in her 20s and wears a hijab, was with her mother when she noticed the man staring at her.

Speaking to Tell MAMA, an organisation highlighting anti-Muslim abuse, the woman said she felt threatened by his stares, disheveled appearance and open can of alcohol in hand.

He then began slurring the phrase ‘dirty fucking bomber’ within earshot of the woman and several...

Police have made an arrest after five students were racially abused and one was attacked.

The female victims were waiting for a bus at Newcastle Bus Station when they spotted a man urinating in the street.

He then approached the group, spat at them and made racially abusive comments.

The incident then turned violent when he head-butted one of the Keele University students and then tried to pull off her hijab.

Now officers investigating the hate crime have...

The UK is among the biggest global purchasers of drugs on the dark web as the illicit online trade grows, new research has found.

The Global Drug Survey 2018 showed that more than a quarter of British drug users who responded, bought substances on websites where they seek to remain anonymous by disguising their location and paying with cryptocurrency.

Dealers then send drugs by post to evade checks at air and sea ports in the UK, where authorities are attempting to crack down...

A Muslim mum was knocked unconscious in front of her young children in an “utterly degrading” racist attack at McDonald’s.

Kellie Cooke, 33, mocked Hamman Hamood’s accent before hurling racist abuse and trying to pull off her headscarf – then knocking her to the floor.

The court heard one of Mrs Hamood’s terrified children later told officers: “Mummy was sleeping on the floor.”

Mum-of-three Cooke, of Lockerby Road in Fairfield, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated...

The newly appointed editor of the Daily Express offered an honest account about his own paper's culpability in spreading hate and bigotry against Muslims.

That the British media is consistently Islamophobic is a well-researched and well-identified state of affairs. However, what is less expected is when a prominent newspaper editor is willing to make clear to a Parliamentary committee that this is precisely the case and that his own newspaper is culpable in spreading the hate, bigotry...