Indonesian police have apologised for using a snake to terrify a suspected thief after footage appeared online.

Officers in the video laugh as an interrogator drapes the animal on a screaming, handcuffed man in the eastern Papua region.

The suspect was believed to have stolen mobile phones.

The local police chief said it was unprofessional but defended the practice, saying the snake was tame and non-venomous.

"We have taken stern action against the personnel,"...

A comic artist has been fired from Marvel for including apparent anti-christian and anti-semitic references in a new spinoff of the popular X-Men comic strip. Indonesian man Adrian Syaf made explicit references to religious and political divisions in his country in issue one of X-Men: Gold, citing a verse of the Koran that urges Muslims not to trust Jews and Christians.

One of the controversial drawings showed X-Men character Colossus playing baseball while wearing a t-shirt with ‘QS...