Police have confirmed an incident in which a group dressed up like members of the Ku Klux Klan in a Co Down town is being investigated as a hate crime.

Photographs of the group outside an Islamic Centre in Newtownards emerged online over the weekend.

The incident was reported to the PSNI on October 28 afternoon at around 5pm, about an incident on Saturday night where a group was seen wearing the distinctive pointed-hooded costumes in the vicinity of Greenwell Street.


David Lawrence had just settled into Seat 22F on a Ryanair flight Thursday when he heard a commotion brewing on the other side of the plane.

A few rows behind him, a gray-haired man with dark-rimmed glasses was yelling at a black woman seated along the aisle.

“I heard this man shouting at this woman, saying, ‘You’re in my way. Get out! I don’t want you here next to me!’ ” Lawrence told The Washington Post in a phone interview Sunday. “I couldn’t believe what I heard."


The former Irish president's brother was sadistically abused for years by a disgraced priest. The former head of state has shared her feelings about the vile crimes for the first time.

Victims claim that the police in Newry school were alerted to the allegations against Fr Finnegan in 1996 but failed to interview the priest.He died 2002.

She has called for an independent inquiry into the Catholic Church's response to the allegations.

Ms McAleese now wants people who knew...

A racist banner against Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair has been displayed on an east Belfast bonfire. The banner was placed on a bonfire in the car park of Avoniel Leisure Centre. A message on the banner read: "Scott Sinclair loves bananas." The loyalist bonfire site is one of four that are subject to a High Court injunction secured by Belfast City Council. The injunction was sought by the local authority last week in a bid to prevent further materials being added to the pyres. Images of...

Ireland is expected to widen an inquiry into former Church-run homes for unmarried mothers on the orders of the country’s prime minister.

Enda Kenny has described the discovery of remains of babies ranging from new-born to three-years-old at a home in Tuam, County Galway as “truly appalling”.

“This is not something that happened way back at the dawn of history. This happened in some cases in our own time so we need to follow through here as quickly, as effectively and as...

Coup soldiers attacked civilians with tanks, F-16 jets and helicopters. They targeted innocent civilians deliberately. Turkish parliament and Presidential Complex were also bombed by coup plotters. However, despite this tragic event that no representatives or officials from EU have visited for condolence since failed coup in Turkey.

The European Union (EU) is abandoning all pretense of human rights restraints in its refugee policy. A strategy paper published last week by the EU Commission outlined migration partnerships that will compensate nine states in Africa and the Middle East, both transit countries and countries of origin, for their cooperation in deterring refugees.
The goal of the agreements—described as “compacts”—is “the combatting of causes of flight and a reduction of irregular migration to Europe,”...