Italian prosecutors on Sunday impounded rescue vessel Sea-Watch 3 for breaching immigration rules despite government attempts to block the ship from reaching an Italian port.

The ship rescued 65 migrants off the coast of Libya last week. It had originally signaled its intention to disembark them at an Italian port, but was blocked by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Salvini, who leads the far-right League Party, had closed Italian ports to the ship and banned it from...

An Italian teacher has been suspended over a video made by her students that compared a security law drafted by Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, to Mussolini’s racial laws, provoking a storm of protest against her suspension across the country.

Rosa Maria Dell’Aria was last week suspended for 15 days on half pay after an investigation by the education ministry’s provincial authority in Palermo found she had not “supervised” her students’ work.

“I am...

Italy’s government is planning to issue a decree that would mean NGO rescue boats would be fined up to €5,500 (£4,760) for each migrant they disembark on to Italian soil.

Aid groups said the planned decree from Matteo Salvini amounted to a “declaration of war against the NGOs who are saving lives at sea”.

The far-right interior minister’s decree – which will be proposed to the council of ministers in the next few days and then voted upon by parliament – would allow NGOs to be...

A Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in Italy's affluent Emilia Romagna region who wanted to attend a gym was banned for her religious covering, reports said.

The incident took place in the small city of Mirandola, where the 28-year-old Muslim woman identified as Khadija Tajeddine was told that she could not attend the gym for wearing a headscarf.

Tajeddine wrote a letter to the mayor, saying that the gym's owner told her that she "does not allow Batman or nuns at the gym."


Matteo Salvini, Italy’s most powerful politician, has said Europe will become an “Islamic caliphate” unless nationalist parties make gains in the European elections later this month.

Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister and leader of the League party, is trying to form a coalition of nationalist and far-right forces ahead of the elections and was speaking in Budapest during a visit to his ideological soulmate Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister.

“For our children, to...

The “students” are asylum seekers and participating in a boot-camp style one-year programme whose explicit purpose is to integrate migrants. 

The school whose name translates as Academy of Integration Thank you Bergamo, hosts 35 men aged 18 to 40, all of them, except one Pakistani, from African countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast. 

Participants attend Italian-language classes, get internships at factories in the area and have to follow a strict routine.


The organisers of the Trieste half-marathon have been accused of racism after refusing to invite African runners to participate.

Fabio Carini, the race manager, claimed on Saturday that the restriction was to stop African athletes from being exploited.

“This year we have decided only to hire European athletes to avoid what is currently a trade in high-value African athletes, who are simply exploited,” he said on April 27.

“Now is the time that from this Trieste, a...

The court of appeals has upheld a residency ban on suspended mayor Domenico Lucano. Lucano is being accused of fraud, of aiding and abetting clandestine immigration, and of abuse of office. The former mayor has insisted that he is innocent.

Suspended mayor Domenico Lucano seems destined to remain in exile from Riace, the southern Italian town where he was mayor for many years and in which he implemented a migrant reception model that made Riace famous throughout the world.


A millionaire Italian footballer has stepped in to pay for a migrant girl’s school lunches after she was fed crackers and canned tuna because her parents could not afford meal vouchers.

Antonio Candreva, who plays for Inter Milan and Italy, phoned the mayor of Minerbe, near Verona, where the eight-year-old girl goes to school after hearing that she had burst into tears when served her snack as her friends tucked into a two-course meal, including pasta.

“I am proud of what my...

A humanitarian aid ship carrying 64 rescued migrants was holding position in the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday as both Italy and Malta refused it safe harbour, leaving the migrants sleeping in cramped conditions on deck as a storm approached.

Their refusal sets the stage for another Mediterranean migrant standoff that can only be resolved if some European Union members agree to accept the asylum seekers.

Carlotta Weibl, spokeswoman for the German humanitarian organisation Sea-...

Blamed by his own teammate for the racist abuse aimed at him during an Italian football match, Juventus forward Moise Kean received plenty of support from rival players on Wednesday.

Kean, a 19-year-old Italian whose parents are from Ivory Coast, plays for Italy's national team and Juventus, the most popular football club in the country. He is also black.

When Kean scored a goal against Cagliari on Tuesday, he was subjected to a torrent of racist abuse from the other team's...

An Italian charity ship has rescued about 50 people at sea off Libya, prompting Rome to warn it was ready to “stop once and for all” such private vessels from bringing rescued migrants to Italy.

Italy’s hardline interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has repeatedly declared Italian waters closed to NGO rescue vessels and has left several of them stranded at sea in the past in an attempt to force the rest of Europe to take more asylum seekers.

“Mare Jonio has just rescued a rubber...

Protesters gathered outside an appeals court in Ancona, Italy, after a 2017 ruling was unsealed, which revealed that two men were cleared of rape charges because the judges thought the victim was “too masculine” to be desirable.

Women’s groups organized a rally of some 200 people who were outraged by the judges’ belief that rapists wouldn’t pursue someone because they were too masculine.

The ruling was unsealed after being annulled by the Supreme Court of Sassation, the highest...

An elementary school teacher in central Italy who told his students a black classmate was "ugly" is learning about the outrage his action caused.

Several parents complained after their children told them the teacher directed the boy to turn his back to the the class and then instructed the other students to "look how ugly he is."

The teacher told Italian state TV he was conducting a social experiment.

Italian Education Minister Marco Bussetti condemned the incident in a...

Defender-turned-commentator Fulvio Collovati drew the ire of Italy's top female footballers after his TV outburst.

Collovati, a 1982 World Cup winner with Italy, has been suspended from his role as a television pundit after making sexist comments about women and tactics.

Italian national broacaster Rai said it had “suspended Fulvio Collovati from all TV and radio activity until Saturday, March 9” in a statement yesterday.

The suspnsion came after the defender-turned-...