Thirteen-year-old Gulsezim Samat hasn't attended classes since mid-October, when she was told to remove her head scarf before entering her school in the Kazakh village of Chapaev.

The school in West Kazakhstan Province, like all educational institutions below university level in the country, is enforcing an official decree by the Education Ministry that bans the wearing of religious symbols in schools.

The January 14 decree made school uniforms compulsory, and effectively...

Much of the snow in the city of Temirtau in central Kazakhstan is black.

Instead of the usual white powder that children love to play with, the snow looks more like coal after a mysterious dark dust settled on the city in the beginning of January.

Many residents, worried about their health, took to social media to call on the government to investigate the incident.

"We can't live like this. We're suffocating here," wrote one user.

A special group of scientists,...

The money transfer of labor migrants working in Kazakhstan to abroad received criticism for tax evasion from the Ministry. Illegal migrant laborers working in Kazakhstan transfer 5-7 billion dollars abroad every year.
Speaking at a roundtable meeting themed international migration in the Middle East, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Minister of Healthcare and Social Development Birjan Nurymbetov stated that illegal labor migrants in Kazakhstan take 5-7 billion dollars abroad every year. “...