Amsterday mayor Femke Halsema must enforce the ban on face-covering clothing, commonly referred to as the burka ban, in the Dutch capital, State Secretary Barbara Visser of Defense said on WNL on November 25.

"No one is above the law", Visser said. "Including the mayor of Amsterdam."

On Friday Halsema said that the enforcement of the burka ban, passed by the Dutch Senate this summer, does not have priority in Amsterdam, Het Parool reports.

Amsterdam's scarce resources...

Confrontations have broken out in the Netherlands between supporters and opponents of the divisive Christmas character known as Black Pete.

White people there often daub their faces with dark paint when they dress up to play the character who is a helper of the Dutch version of Santa Claus – but opponents say the traditional practice promotes racist stereotypes.

A nationally televised parade to welcome Sinterklaas – the red-robed version of St Nicholas – into the historic...

Dutch authorities are prosecuting a doctor for performing euthanasia on a patient in the first case of its kind since its legalisation 16 years ago.

The decision was taken after a regional euthanasia review board found she had "overstepped the mark" in euthanising the 74-year-old Alzheimer's patient.

Prosecutors allege the patient's will was "unclear and contradictory" when it came to her final wishes.

The doctor, who has not been named, says she acted cautiously in the...

The Turkish-Islamic cultural federation TICF, a foundation that speaks for 144 Turkish mosques in the Netherlands, demands that Twitter block the account of PVV leader Geert Wilders.

According to the TICF, many of Wilders’ statements are contrary to Twitter’s terms of use. If Twitter does not block the populist politician’s account, the foundation will go to court, lawyer Ejder Kose said to newspaper AD.

The TICF also plans to file charges against Twitter in four Islamic...

Two Armenian children who have spent most of their lives in the Netherlands face imminent deportation after emerging from hiding following a failed asylum plea.

Howick, 13, and his sister Lily, 12, came to the Netherlands with their mother in 2008.

Their mother was deported last year and the children's friends have rallied around them, calling for them to stay.

However, the Dutch government insists its asylum policy is fair.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said last...

Education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66) has called on schools, institutions and companies to end the discrimination of MBO vocational school students who apply for traineeships.

Figures from Maastricht university show that 24% of MBO students with a non-western background have to apply four times before bagging a work experience place compared to 11% of their native Dutch peers.

And while fewer than half the students with ethnic minority roots found a place first time,...

The death of 11 babies born to women who were given Viagra during a drug trial has led to the termination of the experiment and an anxious wait for other mothers involved.

The trial was designed to test whether sildenafil, a medication sold under the brand name Viagra, could help boost babies’ growth in the womb.

The research was carried out at 10 hospitals across the Netherlands and involved women whose placentas had been underperforming.

Viagra, which dilates the blood...

Politicians and refugee organisations have criticised Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok for claiming there are no peaceful multicultural societies. 

Blok, a member of the liberal VVD, the largest party in the Netherlands, also said that Suriname has become a failed state because of its ethnic divide.

The minister made the comments during a private event last week, where he met Dutch citizens working for international organisations.

Footage of the speech was obtained by...

The Dutch Upper House of parliament on June 26 passed a law banning the wearing of face-covering veils in public buildings, such as schools, government offices and hospitals.

The Lower House approved the bill in 2016, after attempts to impose a more general ban on burqas and other face-covering veils failed.

The new law bans all face-covering garb, including for instance motor helmets and ski-masks, in public buildings, but not on the street.

The law is billed as a way...

Turkey's EU Minister Ömer Çelik on June 6, slammed the Netherlands for granting permission to an anti-Islam group to roast pork in front of a mosque in Rotterdam during iftar (the fast-breaking meal).

"On Thursday, at the time of the breaking of Ramadan fast, members of this fascist organization will hold a barbecue party in front of Rotterdam's Laleli Mosque of Islamitische Stichting Nederland and they will roast pigs on spits," Çelik tweeted.

Far-right organization Patriotic...

Child asylum seekers receiving Dutch language lessons in Emmen were face with some horrible pictures during their lessons. Pictures like a Barbie wearing a bomb-belt, and traffic signs changed to show sexual texts were shown during a powerpoint presentation for the Verbal Dutch course by the CED-Groep, Dagblad van het Noorden reports.

"We do not know how this is possible, but it is absurd", a teacher from the Expertise Center for Foreign Speakers in Emmen said to the newspaper. "I...

Anti-Islam movement Pegida is planing to roast pigs on the spit in front of five mosques during Ramadan. The action is planned for mosques in Arnhem, Gouda, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, during the evening prayer, AD reports.

The first demonstration will be held at the Ulu Camii mosque in Utrecht on June 4th. Similar actions will be held at the Aya Sofia mosque in Arnhem on June 5th, the En-Nour mosque in Gouda on June 6th, the HDV Laleli mosque in Rotterdam on June 7th, and the...

Ugbaad Kilincci, a PvdA candidate councillor in Emmen, was faced with racism while campaigning in the Drenthe town on Saturday.

She was called, among other things, a "ragged-head moron", a "black monkey", and told to "go back to Africa", RTL Nieuws reports.

"I am mostly sad and I find it horrible that this is still happening in our society", the 30-year-old aspiring politician said to the broadcaster. "I specifically decided to make myself available for election because I want...

A rally organized by a far-right, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant group in Amsterdam did not gather the interest it hoped to receive, with only 50 people turning out for the protest.

The participants at the rally organized by the Dresden-based Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) marched under police escort, holding racist banners.

A group of counter-protestors from Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) attempted to block the march, resulting in the arrest of...

A court in eastern Netherlands on Tuesday reduced the sentences of four convicts who were involved in a Molotov cocktail attack on a mosque in Enschede in 2016.

Five convicts had been sentenced to four years in prison for arson with "terrorist purpose" in 2016, according to the Court of Appeals of Arnhem-Leeuwarden's statement.

The court has now reduced the sentences of two convicts to 36 months and two others to 30 months in prison; the fifth convict had not appealed against...