The Dutch supreme court has upheld a ruling that the Netherlands was partially responsible for 350 deaths in Bosnia's Srebrenica massacre.

The court said the state had 10% liability, as this was the probability that its soldiers could have prevented the killings.

Bosnian Serb forces killed a total of 8,000 Muslim men in the town of Srebrenica in 1995.

The Dutch had been guarding a UN safe zone when it was overrun.

It is rare for a state to be held responsible for...

A primary school playground in the Netherlands has been ordered to close due to its children being too noisy.

De Buut primary school in Nijmegen has been given until the end of the month to ban pupils from the field or face a €10,000 (£9,000) fine.

Local residents complained that the children were exceeding a 70-decibel limit on residential areas.

Officials commissioned a noise measurement, which put their noise level at 88 decibels.

The decision has faced a...

The Netherlands’ national rail company said it will compensate hundreds of Holocaust victims for its role in the genocide.

Dutch Railways announced its plan Wednesday in a statement, specifying one-time payments of about $17,000 to each living Holocaust survivor it helped ship to death camps when the Netherlands was occupied by the Nazis.

Widows and widowers of victims will receive half of the amount, and children of victims may receive up to half of the amount, the NOS...

More than 1600 child asylum seekers have gone missing from their accommodation in the last four and a half years, raising fears that some may have been pushed into street crime and prostitution.

According to figures obtained by NRC, the number is higher than previously thought because separate figures were kept by the COA, the supervisory body for asylum centres, and Nidos, which regulates guardianship for asylum seekers under 18.

While some children leave their accommodation...

Riot police broke up a demonstration by anti-Islam group Pegida outside a mosque in Eindhoven on Sunday in which four officers were injured.

Tension flared outside the mosque in Otterstraat after a counter-demonstration of men carrying Turkish flags arrived to challenge the protesters.

Stones and bottles were thrown as the two sides clashed. Riot police on horseback drove back the crowd before breaking up the original protest.

Seven people aged between 14 and 32 were...

Despite opposition by the Dutch constitutional court, the local animal party has filed its second bill seeking a ban on the slaughter of animals without stunning.

The Party for the Animals filed the bill Monday in the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch lower house, the RTL broadcaster reported. It was after the Council of State, an advisory body on legislation and the Netherlands’ highest general administrative court, had issued an unusual warning about the bill, saying it would unreasonably...

The Dutch immigration service IND is sending Yezidi asylum seekers back to refugee camps in northern Iraq, arguing that they have sufficient access to food and other facilities, Trouw reported at the weekend.

Lawyers specializing in asylum law told the paper that they fear the decision to send Yezidis back to the camps is new policy, a view which is also held by refugee organisation Vluchtelingenwerk.

The IND, they say, is getting round the rules on deporting vulnerable groups...

An asylum seeker from Bahrain who was rejected by the Netherlands and deported back to the Gulf state has been sentenced to life in prison without being given a fair trial, refugee groups and Amnesty International have told the NRC.

The organisations base their claims on statements from the man’s family and his lawyer, the paper said. 

Ali-Mohammed al-Showaikh, who is 27, has also had his Bahraini citizenship removed.

Al-Showaikh fled to the Netherlands in 2017 because...

A banner with insulting text about the Prophet Muhammad was placed at the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague on March 3 morning. Anti-Islam movement Pegida is responsible for the the action, a spokesperson for the movement confirmed to NOS on Sunday afternoon. 

Translated from Dutch, the banner read: "Prophet Muhammad children fucker". The banner was accompanied by a mannequin wearing a beard, a robe, a turban, and carrying a baby doll. The mannequin was supposed to show Muhammad "having...

A Dutch court has backed the suspension of a Muslim man’s benefits over his refusal on religious grounds to shave his beard while on training for a job.

The unnamed man had been offered a job as an asbestos removal officer but was subsequently told he would need to be clean shaven in order to undergo the training course.

When he refused on the basis of his religious convictions, Amersfoort city council suspended payments to both him and his wife for a month under the ...

A teacher was suspended from the Hoofdvaart College in Hoofddorp in January for insulting the Prophet Mohammad, the Telegraaf reports based on the suspension letter from the school management, which the newspaper has in its possession.

According to the letter, the teacher said that the Prophet Mohammad was married to an 8-year-old girl and that this is seen as pedophilia in the Netherlands. The teacher contradicts the accusation, according to the newspaper.

General education...

In their latest move to strip minorities of their rights and provoke xenophobia in the Netherlands, the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders presented a draft bill to the Dutch parliament to strip dual citizens of their right to vote and stand for election.

Wilders also shared the draft bill from his social media account, saying “No more active and passive suffrage for people with dual nationality. No double interests, loyalty or dependency more to other countries....

The Netherlands refused on Monday an Italian request to take in 47 migrants on a humanitarian ship that is being blocked from Italian ports, saying there was a need to distinguish between genuine refugees and economic migrants.

The Sea Watch 3, run by a German humanitarian group and flying a Dutch flag, rescued the migrants from a rubber boat off the Libyan coast more than a week ago. Since then it has been buffeted by high winds and 7-meter (23 ft) waves.

Italy’s Deputy Prime...

Amsterday mayor Femke Halsema must enforce the ban on face-covering clothing, commonly referred to as the burka ban, in the Dutch capital, State Secretary Barbara Visser of Defense said on WNL on November 25.

"No one is above the law", Visser said. "Including the mayor of Amsterdam."

On Friday Halsema said that the enforcement of the burka ban, passed by the Dutch Senate this summer, does not have priority in Amsterdam, Het Parool reports.

Amsterdam's scarce resources...

Confrontations have broken out in the Netherlands between supporters and opponents of the divisive Christmas character known as Black Pete.

White people there often daub their faces with dark paint when they dress up to play the character who is a helper of the Dutch version of Santa Claus – but opponents say the traditional practice promotes racist stereotypes.

A nationally televised parade to welcome Sinterklaas – the red-robed version of St Nicholas – into the historic...