Syrian and Russian planes have carried out deadly aerial strikes amounting to war crimes on schools, hospitals and markets in Idlib province, U.N. investigators said on Tuesday in a report that also condemned attacks by jihadist fighters.

They said that “indiscriminate bombardment” by pro-government forces, ahead of a March ceasefire brokered with Turkey, claimed hundreds of lives and forced nearly one million civilians to flee, which may amount to a crime against humanity.


Amnesty International says it has documented 18 attacks in northwest Syria carried out by Syrian government and Russian forces over the past year that amounted to war crimes.

The rights group said in a report published on May 10 that the 18 attacks were on medical facilities and schools, and were carried out by either the Syrian government or its Russian ally between May 2019 and February 2020 in Idlib and areas adjoining the rebel stronghold.

Evidence of the attacks entails...

The UN children's organization UNICEF issued a plea on Friday to support Syrian children as the war in Syria nears the start of its 10th year.

"A child dies every 10 hours as a result of the war," the organization said.

From 2014 through the end of 2019, 5,427 children were killed, UNICEF said in its Syria 9 March 2020 report.

The report also estimated that over 5 million children are in need inside Syria and 2.5 million more in neighboring countries.


As soon as he heard reports that Syrian government forces were moving towards his home city of Saraqib, Muadh al-Ahmad decided to flee.

"We knew what was coming. Families did not want to be buried under the rubble of their own homes so we got up and left," the 34-year-old told Al Jazeera.

According to al-Ahmad, the city in northwestern Syria quickly turned into a "ghost town" in the few days that preceded Syrian government forces' attack on the city, backed by Russian and...

A former inmate of Syrian prisons run by the Bashar al-Assad regime recounted the torture and abuse she faced during her incarceration as her scars keep horrific memories alive.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Nur Hammad -- a pseudonym to protect her identity -- spoke for the first time about the cruelty she was forced to endure during her nine-month imprisonment at several detention centers.

The 30-year old was arrested by the Assad regime soldiers in May 2018.


At least 10 civilians were killed and 30 wounded in Syria by a rocket strike on the Neirab camp for Palestinian refugees close to the city of Aleppo on Tuesday night, the United Nations said in a statement on May 14.

"As families gathered to break their fasts for the Ramadan Iftar meal, several rockets hit the densely populated Neirab camp for Palestine refugees in Aleppo," the statement from the U.N. humanitarian aid agency UNRWA said.

"Among those killed were four children,...

The Assad regime is targeting health facilities, bakeries, schools and civilian settlements in northwestern Syria’s opposition-held city of Idlib, a human rights watchdog said Thursday.

According to a new report released by Amnesty International, the Syrian regime, backed by Russia, has escalated its airstrikes and artillery attacks on heavily-populated areas located along the Damascus-Aleppo Highway.

In the report, Amnesty International’s Middle East research director, Lynn...

The Assad regime is behind the majority of over 330 alleged chemical weapons use in Syria over the last eight years, according to a German-based report.

In a report titled "Nowhere to Hide: The Logic of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria", Berlin-based Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI) said on Sunday that some 336 chemical attacks were recorded in Syria since the start of the civil war.

Nearly 98 percent of the attacks were carried out by the regime forces, the report added....

The cold has killed close to 30 children in two months among the civilians who have been fleeing the last jihadist pocket in eastern Syria, the United Nations said Thursday.

The World Health Organization said it was extremely concerned by the conditions for those who make it to Al-Hol, where lies the main camp for people displaced by the fighting against the ISIS.

"At least 29 children and newborns are reported to have died over the past eight weeks, mainly from hypothermia,...

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) said that as many as 15 displaced Syrian children, most of them infants, have died from extreme cold and lack of medical care.

The children – 13 of them less than one year old – have died in Al-Rukban refugee camp in south eastern Syria, near the border with Jordan. The remaining two died while fleeing Daesh’ stronghold in northern Syria.

“Freezing temperatures and harsh living conditions in Rukban are...

UN war crimes investigators called for the Syrian government to inform families of the fate of their relatives who were disappeared or detained by the regime, after officials confirmed that a Syrian-American woman who went missing in 2015 was executed a year later.

The UN’s demand comes amid news of the death of Syrian-American activist Layla Shweikani, who died in 2016 while detained by intelligence services.

Raised in Chicago, Shweikani travelled to Damascus in 2015 to help...

Extreme weather conditions during Syria's seventh year of conflict has caused domestic cereal production to decline sharply, two UN agencies announced on October 10.

Wheat production this year fell to a 29-year low of 1.2 million tons, about two-thirds of 2017 levels.

This was due to an extended period of dry weather early in the cropping season followed by heavy out-of-season rains, according to the latest Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM), conducted jointly by...

The Syrian regime has resumed bombardment on the south of Idlib province on September 10, targeting a school in Jarjanaz town, killing at least nine civilians, mostly children, news sources from the ground have confirmed.

Heavy artillery and shelling has also taken place in the towns of Al-Heesh and Al-Teh as well as Qalaat Al Madeeq and Al-Janabra in the north of Hama province with a continuous barrage of missiles sending civilians fleeing further north towards the Turkish border....

A total of 836 detainees have died in Syrian regime prisons, according to a Syrian NGO on Aug. 27.

In a statement, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said it has documented the forcible disappearance of around 82,000 civilians in Syria. 

“Some 14,000 people have been tortured to death by the regime,” the NGO said. 

"Tens of thousands of Syrians have been subject to systematic arrests and Syrian authorities deny responsibility for these arrests,” the SNHR said. ...

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told Russian media on Thursday his regime's next priority would be retaking Idlib province, currently dominated by rebels and jihadists. 

"Now Idlib is our goal, but not just Idlib," Assad said of the northwestern province, in comments carried on Russian newswires.

"There are of course territories in the eastern part of Syria that are controlled by various groups... So we will be moving into all these regions," Assad added. 

"The military...