Thousands of Italians march against racism

March, 2018

Thousands of people turned out saturday for an anti-racist march in the central Italian city of Florence in memory of a black man from Senegalese shot dead by a racist attacker.

Idy Diene, a legally resident street vendor aged 54, was gunned down Monday by a 65-year-old man. Then he initially intending to kill himself and leaving behind a suicide note for his family.

A peaceful throng of Italians joined members of Senegalese local associations in Santa Maria Novella square in Florence's historic center for the rally.

 Some brandished banners with slogans such as "Idy was a man of peace," and "Florence anti-fascist." 

Some placards also read "Nardella, you are the true disgrace. Clean the city of racism," in allusion to leftist mayor Dario Nardella.

Source: Thelocal