British soldier kept terrorism manual by Anders Breivik

March, 2018
United Kingdom (England)

A British army trainer accused of joining a “virulently racist” neo-Nazi group kept a terrorism manual written by the white nationalist Anders Breivik, a court heard.

Mikko Vehvilainen is accused of membership of National Action, along with private Mark Barrett and a 23-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons.

All three were described at the start of their trial by prosecutors as “active members” of the rightwing group, before and after it was banned in December 2016.

Opening the case at Birmingham crown court on Monday, Duncan Atkinson QC said the men were not being prosecuted for their “racist or neo-Nazi beliefs, however repulsive they may be”.

Vehvilainen’s phone also allegedly contained evidence of 900 visits to a website where he made racist comments about black people, “dehumanising them and inciting hatred against them”, the court heard.


Source: Theguardian