Singer RAYE accuses The Ivy Chelsea of racism

April, 2018
United Kingdom (England)

Dance-pop musician RAYE says a London restaurant refused entry to her black friend because of his clothes - moments after letting a white pal into the venue in a similar outfit.

The 20-year-old British singer posted a video to Twitter of her attempt to enter The Ivy Chelsea Garden, which has since been shared thousands of times. The venue denies any racist intent and insists it was simply enforcing a dress code.

Speaking to The Independent, RAYE said her white friend - a woman - walked into the restaurant wearing sports gear and trainers without any issue.

But when her black friend tried to enter wearing a similar outfit, he was refused. She said: "I challenged them on this because to me this is blatant racism."​

She added: "I checked on the Ivy's website and it says there is 'no dress code'. Why would they let in a white person, but stop a black man dressed the same? This type of behaviour needs to be called out and spoken up about."

RAYE explained that she filmed the incident because she was "angry and disappointed."

"It is heartbreaking that this is still happening in my city," she concluded. 

The Ivy responded to RAYE's racism claims maintaining that it was simply enforcing their dress code policy.

Source: Independent