Racist right leader, Tommy Robinson, freed from prison

August, 2018
United Kingdom (England)

Judges have decided Tommy Robinson should be released from prison after being jailed for contempt of court.

Earlier this month, the far-right leader's lawyers argued he should be freed because of “procedural deficiencies” in two court cases.

The Lord Chief Justice and two other judges have been considering calls to quash his 13-month-jail sentence and findings that he committed contempt of court in Canterbury and Leeds.

Protesters were expected to gather outside the Court of Appeal as the Rt Hon Sir Ian Burnett, Mr Justice Turner and Mrs Justice McGowan DBE handed down their judgement.

Supporters of Tommy Robinson are celebrating. David Scott, who was waiting outside the court said: "Brilliant result. I think it's the best we can hope for at the moment. Hopefully it will start a backlash against what's gone wrong with this country."

Another supporter Vince Cawthron said: "I am quietly pleased. He could be back with his family in hours." 

Source: Independent