A mum paints her son black for a whipped slave Halloween costume complete with chains and welts

October, 2018

A mum has caused outrage after dressing her nine-year-old white son as a black slave with pretend chains attached to his hands and neck for a Halloween party.

It’s claimed Sabrina Flor proudly published the controversial photos of her child on social media on October 29 just before he attended the school event, with the caption: “When your son really gets into character. Let’s do it the Brazilian way.”

In addition to apparently painting the boy black, Mrs Flor, who lives in Natal, north east Brazil, dressed her son in a white loin cloth, put fetters around his ankles and painted welt marks on his back, as if he had been lashed with a whip.

She is said to have added the inflammatory statement: “Don’t bother to read Brazilian history books, they say there was black slavery in the country, but that's a lie.”

And she purportedly went on to add that all the criticisms received about the costume were ‘pointless’ because her view was not racist and she didn’t ‘understand why people had taken offence’.

The private school where the Halloween party was held issued a statement distancing itself from the parent’s actions.

They said: "Sadly, the choice of Halloween costume by the student's family has touched a historical wound in our country. Up to today, (Brazil) is still suffering the consequences of that period.

“We don’t incite or condone racism or prejudice. (Our school) follows the principles of inclusion and coexistence reflecting the diversity in our region and our teaching practices.”

Source: The Sun